BTS: History of RM in BTS

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Like every musical group, BTS is enriched by the qualities of your artists. In this opportunity, the trajectory of RM will be discussed at the Boyband of BTS and the contributions he has given.

First years of RM

Kim Nam-Joon Artistically known as RM (Rap Monster), was born on September 12, 1994 in Ilsan, Seoul, South Korea. He is the eldest of two brothers.

He began in the artistic world in 2007, with the name of Runch RANDA singing rap underground. She pulled the market several topics and made a collaboration with the rapper Zico.

Between 2009 and 2013, it is part of the group Daenamhyup of Hip Hop underground South Korean, next to Marvel J, Kyum2, Supreme Boi, L11ven, Iron, Kidoh, Samsoon, Illipse, DJ Snatch In 2013 he left him the participation of him in the group to concentrate on BTS.

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Academic achievements

RM achievement the 850 rating at the toeic, acronym of Test of English for International Communication that by means of global evaluations measures writing, reading, listening and conversation skills English, being in secondary school.

We are sure that perhaps level of fluency is due to the fact of having studied in New Zealand.

He also obtained the Top 1.3% of the nation in the entrance exams to the university in disciplines in language, mathematics, foreign languages and social sciences.

To all the above is added that it has an intellectual coefficient of 148.

In addition, he speaks fluent English and Japanese. After its debut in BTS continued to study Japanese because the members of Big Hit receive basic classes of that language.

All about the RM race in BTS

Since 2010, RM was the first member of BTS, in an audition of talent of the seal Big Hit.RM For two years he practiced next to Min Yoon Gi, the rapper underground known as suga and the dancer Jung Ho Seok known as J -Hope.

By June 2013, RM made your debut as a leader of BTS with the theme No More Dream, from the first album and its second debutCOOL 4 SKOOL in the m Countdown of Mnet.

Since then, he has had a participation as a composer and writer of many of the songs in all the albums of the band.

End of 2014, the topic SPAZ of Krizz Kaliko was presented in an introductory performance in MBC Gayo Daejejeon.

As part of the solo mixtape, rm interprets the rush theme, which was published in March 2015 at the official soundcloud of BTS, being A production next to Krizz Kaliko.

By March 2015, he published with Warren G, a theme called PLEASE DON't die participating in the video clip, where it is shown in scenes during your contribution in the Angels.

Time after Warren G In an interview with Hiphopplaya, he commented on RM that speaking as an artist and producer, Rap Monster It was an incredible rapper by the way the rap transmits.

In the company of Dino-J and EE, RM supported the Hip MFBTY project in the song Buckubucku and also in its video clip, and in A cameo from another video clip of MFBTY, for the song Bang Diggy Bang.

RM shared stage next to the rappers Verbal Jint, Sik-K and Incredivle, Supreme Boi, Palo Alto at All Force One and Hot & COOL Concert of 2015 in the AX-Korea.

By March 2017, it was published in a collaboration of RM and the famous American rapper Wale in the YouTube Officer of Big HIT A video clip for the topic Change.

A month later next to V of your authorship launch the topic 4 o'Clock, which was published in the official soundcloud of BTS.

By the end of that year, Big Hit published the trailer of the BTS commeback, with the topic serendipity, played by jimin And with collaborations of RM in the letter.

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BTS: Historia de RM en BTS
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