BTS: J-Hope and his story with the group

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The genus k-pop has had more presence in recent years in the world of music. With its colorful and impressive attire and choreography have led their optimism messages and overcoming all possible corners.

So far, each group is totally different, although they have a common essence. Its individual contributions make each group something unique and special.

And the BTS group is not the exception. It is one of the bands with the greatest trajectory and that have shown unparalleled quality in each project. In this opportunity we will talk about J-Hope and as it has worked within the boyband.

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First years of artistic life

The South Korean best known as J-Hope, was born in 1994 during the month of February, in Gwangju. At first, he was a dancer and the artistic reference of him was Smile Hoya, he is known that he won several dance festivals.

Analogously, it was part of the neuron and groups. He is entitled from the Seungri dance academy. On the other hand, in 2009 he auditioned for JYP Entertainment.

During the time it lasted apprentice Big Hit Entertainment, J-Hope Together with your groupmate Jungkook were part of the audiovisual dancers of theme "I'm da one".

This production also featured V and jin. At the time they were part of the song "Animal" of Jo Kwon. Both themes can be found at the debut album of the group Jo Kwon, I'AM DA One in 2012.

Jimin, Suga, Jungkook and J-Hope were also part of the topic cast "Glamorous" of Seeu in the company ofGlam.

History of J-Hope inside BTS

J-Hope participated in the Boyband Debut BTS of K-Pop in 2013, as part of the topic "No more Dream" of the first debut album of the band. He was the third member to join the team as an apprentice.

During 2016, the trailer of the second album of the band titled "Wings" On this album is the theme "Boy Meets Evil" Interpreted by J-Hope and in which he himself was in charge of designing choreography.

Likewise, he participated in the preparation of the topic "Mom" It deals with the love towards the progenitor of her by using use of cheerful and alive sounds, as opposed to the typical ballads.

In October 2018, the Order to the cultural merit is given.

Independent Projects and Awards

In March 2010, the artist J-Hope launched his first Mix "Hope World" In the topic video company "daydream" After this, the audiovisual of the song "Airplane" was presented.

This album reached the position 63 from the Billboard 200 list and went up to the place 38. Burning it into the first South Korean artist to reach this position and in that particular list. Similarly, he reached the place 35 of the Canadian Albums and place 19 of US Top Rap Albums.

On the other hand, 3 themes of the album:"Daydream", "Hangsang" and "Hope World"They came to appear in the World Digital Songs Chart in places 3, 24 and 16 respectively. The following week rose to position 1, 11 and 6.

This latest advance also includes the topics "Airplane", "line" and "p.o.p." Arriving at position 5, 8 and 12. With this topic J-Hope it came to the first place, about the 10 groups of k-pop of the moment and its own band.

Its debut did it reach place 3 of Emerging Artists, 97 of the artists 100, and subsequently on the 91 of the same list.

In addition, it is the fifth artist to enter the artists 100. The mix that he performed was also part of the preferred lists by the public in a total of 10 countries, while the topic"Daydream"It reached third place.

And if that were not enough, the album came to the 5th place of the Billboard World Albums.