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The genus k-pop has seized the musical world by the great boom of it. Where each group stands out individually by its creativity, both in highlighting and impressive choreographies and with well colorful attire that have allowed to transmit your improvement messages and optimism everywhere.

These groupings achieve that uniqueness that the difference from other genres, basically because of the individual contribution of each member, which makes them grow and allow them to be unique and special.

BTS does not escape this. It is one of the groups that has highlighted for its unparalleled quality in all its projects and that has a greater trajectory.

In this opportunity we talk about the performance of Jimin inside the boyband. Highlighting from the roles of him as a composer, dancer and singer and complementarily stood out for his modeling projects being the image of many recognized brands.

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First years of Jimin

Park Ji-min, was born on October 13, 1995 at Geumjeong-Gu, Busan, South Korea. He is a member of a small family group, being the older brother.

Artistically is known as Jimin. He is a composer, model, singer and South Korean dancer, member of the group BTS.

He attended Hodong Elementary School and the Yonsan Middle School in his first years of study. She equally she attends classes in the Academy Just Dance, where she acquires knowledge of urban dance, popping and locking.

He studied at the School of Bus Artes N, where he practiced modern dance, being an outstanding student.

He auditioned for Big Hit by advice from a teacher that it is postulated for an entertainment agency. Then in 2012 he was transferred to the Higher School of Korea, after being admitted to the company.

In August of 2020, he graduated in the specialty of entertainment and telecommunication in the Global Cyber University.

He currently studies a Master's Degree in Business Administration in the HANYANG CYBER University.

Race in Jimin BTS

In June 2013, it debuts with the simple , as a member of BTS, from its first debut album 2 Cool 4 Skool.

In December 2014 I played together with Jungkook The Korean version of the topic Mistletoe, of Justin Bieber, who wrote with Slow Rabbit

For EP The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1, published in the first quarter of 2015, participated in the song composition Boyz With Fun.

Then for your topic alone lie from the album Wings collaborated in the composition. The track was described as dramatic and impressive, as well as transmitting emotions and deep tones that help reflect the general concept of the album.

In contrast, his second only serendipity, from the album Love Yourself: He In 2017, it was soft and sensual, revealing the conviction, joy and curiosity of love.

Both issues exceeded 50 million streams in Spotify, which did not happen from 5 years ago, when a Korean artist got this amount of reproductions.

In the United Kingdom were the only ones of BTS on the Official Charts list of the 20 most played topics of the group.

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BTS, biografía de Jimin
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