BTS: Knowing a little more of the band

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BTS is the Boyband with greater recognition of the genus k-pop. Its members:V, Jimin, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook and its leader RM have become the inspiration of thousands of fans.

And it is that not only have been transformed into the ambassadors of gender, but of South Korean culture in general. They have achieved great acceptance in recent years worldwide. To such an extent that recently the possibility of participating with artists from other musical genres has recently opened.

And it is that it either group or individually, the members of this band are able to shine for their great talent and commitment to music.

In the following article you know more about this incredible band and why they have come so far away.

Members of the band

This band is made up of 7 members, which in each project have searched for each other to give each other to give the best of itself.

They have diverse talents that apply at the same time highlighting not only in an area but consolidating the strength of the group BTS. Thus they make a true positive synergy, jointly strengthening the particular art that dominates.

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RM is the leader of the group since its inception in 2013. It has been highlighted by its skills to rape, be part of the dance body.

It also makes songs, produces music and works as a model, since it is a beautiful representative of the South Korean biotype.


The roles of jimin within the group BTS are as a singer, composer and dancer.

Additionally, it has been highlighted by its modeling projects in which it has been the image of recognized brands worldwide.


V is one of the South Korean members of the group that has stood out for its skills, as a dancer and composer of unprecedented issues.

Also, like some of his companions, he is also actor and model.


He is one of the older artists in the group. At 28 years old and with a university career in arts and music he has stood out as an actor, model, presenter, singer, dancer and model.

He has even been chosen by the group as his greatest representative in various events.


Characterized by Printing a message of hope and peace on each of its topics, it is a writer, singer and dancer.

He has obtained several prizes and he has earned the respect of his colleagues by forming very special works, giving him a very personal and intimate touch to each of his subjects.


J-Hope is one of the members of the group with dance studies that has been characterized as the group's choreographer.

In addition, all enthusiasm and joy emanate in each of their presentations in the various scenarios in which it has been presented is recognized.


He is a composer and singer who has highlighted his countless collaborations for other artists of the genre.

But, above all, it highlights as a singer and composer of the most relevant works of the band that have achieved international recognition.

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BTS: conociendo un poco más de la banda
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