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BTS Label Announces Casting To Recruit New Boy Band

Luis Rafael
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Big Hit Music, the label behind the hit K-Pop band, said Monday that it is watching out for new talent around the world to shape another boy group.

Any man born after 2002 can apply from October 18 to December 20, regardless of where he lives or was conceived, the organization said Monday.

This has caused a great impact throughout the world, thousands of talented young people have made a presence in this new casting with the aim of becoming future pop stars. Most of the people who have come are from South Korea and North America.

BTS Label Announces Casting To Recruit New Boy Band – Showbiz – WebMediums
BTS Label Announces Casting To Recruit New Boy Band

These are the requirements of Big Hit Music to perform the casting

Anyone who wants to be interested should send a video of about a minute in which he appears singing, rapping or moving, along with a photograph from the front and without filters, to the website of the music label.

You can also send music that has been delivered in a sound file along with the aforementioned front photo, as Big Hit Music is also looking for people to work on the new band in the background.

When sending the discs, a structure must be completed that asks for details of contact, name, place and date of birth, address of the place of residence or height.

Big Hit Music works to hunt down new talent to compete with BTS

It is important to mention that the Big Hit Music record label officially affirms and states that “they are looking for people with talent and passion to be a new global superstar”.

The goal they have in mind is to come up with an ideal grouping that is a world power to sweep across the globe.

Basically, they want to get the stars for the next generation of K-pop a band that will compete with BTS, since it is currently the most global group that the label has. That is why they want to increase their fame and earnings by getting the perfect group for them to dominate in the genre.

Big Hit Music is the largest K-pop agency in the world

Big hit Music established as a music organization in 2005, has finally become the largest K-Pop organization in the world, surpassing the consolidated value of the three previous industry monsters, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment, thanks to the BTS achievement.

Certainly the reason why this label is so award-winning and known throughout the world is because of the K-pop band "BTS." Since, they have managed to dominate in the genre positioning themselves as the number 1 K-pop band in the world.

They have gained millions of followers around the world increasing the prestige of the group and, consequently, that of Big Hit Music.

Following the development and shipping of BTS earlier this decade, Big Hit expanded their artist portfolio with the band Tomorrow X Together and solo artisan Lee Hyun.