BTS: new records with the theme "butter"

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Over the years the genus k-pop has become present more and more on premiums and accumulating awards. In this opportunity, the group BTS new records with the theme "Butter"

While the Boyband went through a stage of transition and adaptation to this new reality as we have touched us all, it has not stopped working. Its members have worked indefatigably not only for their careers if not for helping their fans at this time so hard.

And because so much effort has given its fruits, since, despite the recession, their numbers speak for themselves. With a single topic they have managed to beat 5 world-class records.

Learn more about this topic "Butter" And what were the numbers reached in this opportunity thanks to the group of followers, better known as Army.

Theme "Butter"

"Butter" It is the second topic of BTS in English. He was released in May under the support of Sony Music and Big Hit. It is from the authorship of the member RM and featured the production of Perry, Grimaldi and Kirk.

The launch of this topic was announced after the publication of Film Out, the Big Hits agreed to understand that something new was coming, it did not give many details about it. Time later, using the YouTube platform at a live event was given a small advance.

Weeks later the cover and images of the video, courtesy of each of the members of the band, until finally the launch was confirmed.

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World Category Records

This talented band is characterized by the great numbers that reaches not only by talking about money but also in its official networks.

Reason for which, in addition to his talent they have managed to be awarded by important musical academies.

On this occasion they have achieved new records with the theme "butter" Overcoming a total of 5 records between the platforms of YouTube and Spotify.

Records obtained on YouTube

The premiere of the topic "Butter" De BTS, came accompanied by a great audiovisual premiere that was published in the official account of the Boyband of YouTube. This video alone reached 3.9 million simultaneous visualizations during its premiere, last May 21. Which, represented the first record achieved.

The second record, get it at 24 hours of the video clip premiere, recording 108 million visualizations. Also, by May 24, YouTube informs that it has the video has more than 187 million visualizations. This being the third grinding record.

Although it was not the first, since the topic "Dynamite" He obtained 3 million simultaneous visualizations during his premiere.

Records obtained in Spotify

Now, as if the numbers of YouTube were not enough, on the spotify platform the subject breaks the record of as many transmissions in a dial, reaching approximately 11 million.

This theme left behind the song of Ed Sheeran and A Justin Bieber. In addition, "Butter" It manages to get another record by as many streaming of the platform for a group theme. These numbers reach 16.3 million reproductions at Spotify.

With this second prize leaves behind the band Coldplay with 16.1 million visualizations and Imagine Dragons with 15.6 million. However, Drake continues to the head with 37 million streamings.

Total awards

With these 5 new records the South Korean band has obtained a total of 23 prizes, which makes it one of the most successful bands of the Guinness World Records.

And it has been so much the rise of the subject that the band was considered to follow advanced and collaborating with different musical genres artists. In the case of "Butter" It has an unprecedented remix with the talented Megan Thee Stallion.

Other prizes 2021.

These 5 records have not been the only ones that BTS have achieved in 2021. In the last installment of the Nickelodeon Kids'Choise Awards Tied with Fifth Harmony, because both groups reached a total of 5 guest awards.

The song "Dynamite" They placed them ranked number 1 of the digital sales lists of the Billboard for more weeks. And it is the subject has reached the 18 weeks not consecutive in the first place.