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The prestigious singer Jin, of BTS has also developed many solo projects.

At this point, Jin next to V were part of Project Hwarang: The Poet Warriors Youth, in the single "it's definitely you"

In another project, he participated next to another Bandman Jungkook, in a remix of the song "So Far Away"

On the other hand, the covers performed can be mentioned "mon" of the artist RA.D, "I love you" of mate e "in front of the post office in autumn"

Similarly, your participation is as a presenter in TV programs, such as Music Bank, it has not gone unnoticed.

These projects have made jin, position at 11 of the Gallup Korea as one of the favorite idols during 2018. Independently, jin took the topic "tonight" Which she premiered in the BTS Fiesta 2019.

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This topic featured the production of Big Hit Entertainment, Slow Rabbit and Hiss Noise. This is simple, it is about Jin's relationship with her pets. By the chords and voice tones used, the song was very praised and obtained high receptivity in the middle.

Due to the success obtained, Jin presented its second solo theme called "abyss" just the day before your birthday 28 in 2020. This topic counted on Participation of RM, and producers pdogg and bumzu. In this opportunity they spoke about the feelings of doubt, exhaustion and anxiety of Jin.

By means of a publication in the official blog of BTS, he mentioned the insecurities that had regarding music, and the way in which the deepest emotions were the ones who gave life to the subject. It should be remembered that these feelings sprouted during the time of confinement by the pandemic.

Other projects and donations

Regarding business, in 2018, start a personal entrepreneurship when opening a food center (Restaurant) in Seoul. The center is called Ossu Seiromushi, and he started it in the company of his brother.

By 2018 it endowed supplies to the Korean Animal Welfare Association during your birthday. This donation included sheets, dishes and food for the institution. Likewise, she donated 321 kilograms of food for the American rights defenders of South Korea, another non-profit institution.

These are some of the members of the member of the band BTS, Jin. Who, in addition to being an exceptional singer and dancer has provided his support for non-profit companies for animal care and protection.

As for the help to other institutions, we must mention that their fanatics made multiple donations under their name for the Holt's Child Welfare Association. So the system was throwing an accumulation of receipts which made the idol chart recognize the great indirect help of jin for that organization.

That made it be mentioned as the “King of donations” or celebrity with a greater number of donations in 2018. Demonstrating, once again, that his Actions are the best example to follow a multitude of young people and adolescents. Not only in the native country of him, but worldwide.

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BTS: Proyectos en solitario de Jin
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