BTS: Suga trajectory in the Boyband

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Every great musical group takes advantage of the qualities of its artists to strengthen. In this opportunity you will talk about the career of suga in the Boyband BTS and the contributions she has given.

Suga is one of the 7 members of the band, which without thinking about its charisma and enthusiasm has given great contributions to the group. This individual continuation and the coupling of them, is what makes this band a world icon.

And it has been so much the commitment that each issue has become an international success. He knows more about the intriguing artist called Suga and the ellogged compositions of him.

Early life

Suga named Mini Yoon-Gi, was born in 1993 at 8 days of the month of March, in DSEGU. She from very young age she showed interest in music. Especially after witnessing a performance of Stony Skun on television.

From that moment, his musical tastes took him to the hip-hop when hearing bands like Epik High. Already in high school, he performed his first presentation on a stage, playing the topic "go back" of Dynamic Duo.

Then, he started writing his own themes with the help of the MIDI tool. At 17 years of age, with the support of the mentor of it, she was part of the D-Town group. As part of the group she produced the topic "518-062".

This stage was a bit rude, since I did not have enough for the passage and the food, but it was surpassing it thanks to its desire to make music. This information was revealed by the same suga, in an interview for Grazia.

In 2010, the artist auditioned for Big Hit Entertainmen, obtaining the second place of the competition. From that moment he began to be part of the disketr, in November of the same year.

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Suga Steps in BTS

They were 3 years who suga was as an apprentice for the label, accompanied by J-Hope and RM. The main role of him was that of composer, in 2013 he was part of the debut of BTS with the theme "no more dream".

Suga revealed that his older brother had had great influence on the development of his musical career. This after being the only person of his family to support him during the first presentation before Big Hit Entertainment.

Subsequently, he became the author of the topic "Never Mind" where he was talking about the attitude he took his family before his desire to become a musician.

During the month of October 2018 he received the order to cultural merit, along with his companions, award granted by the President of South Korea.

Personal Activities of the Artist

Without taboos, Suga, has touched various points about mental health, has even expressed its opinion and accepted the condition of equality requested by the LGBTQ + group.

In his 25th birthday, the singer donated 10 kilograms of meat to each of 39 orphanages, on behalf of the Army(the Fan Club of the BTS).

Also, it has contributed to the South Korean Cancer Foundation, by contributing US $88,000 and around 300 dolls from your character from BT21: Shooky.

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BTS: Trayectoria de Suga en la boyband
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