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BTS's Jimin is on his birthday and the ARMYs gave him an incredible surprise

Luis Rafael
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BTS performer "Park Jimin" turns 26 (Korean age 27), therefore fans went to the trouble of giving him eye-catching gifts.

In addition to the custom airliner venture, there is also a project honoring Jimin at the Common Ground Mall, a well-known landmark in Seoul, among other places around the world.

ARMY festival celebrates Jimin's birthday

Jimin came to the world on October 13, 1995 in the province of Busan. Due to the time contrast the ARMY festival began at 10:00 am on Tuesday, October 12 in Peru. As with other members of BTS, the followers tried to get a live broadcast through Vlive.

BTS's Jimin is on his birthday and the ARMYs gave him an incredible surprise
BTS's Jimin is on his birthday and the ARMYs gave him an incredible surprise

However, the roads of Seoul have been breathing the birthday of the popular South Korean symbol for days. Despite the usual promotional boards in subway stations, the All for Jimin KOR fanbase covered one of the eminent spaces of the capital to date fundamental.

Projects they have planned for Jimin in Korea

It is worth mentioning that, from October 9 to October 13, Park Jimin's face can be stamped on the popular Common Ground, a spring shopping center known for being made with steel trailers.

Despite the flags, K-ARMY introduced huge radiant balloons that float and add more excellence to the eye. These are photographs taken by the fans who participated in the visit.

Jimin's painting in front of HYBE

This is another lovely postcard dedicated to Park Jimin. Fansite JIMINBAR CHINA made a working establishment before HYBE's primary step and will be available to fans throughout the month of October.

Despite the beautification with banners and a higher standard, there is an airbag machine that makes for wonderful weather around the hour of the night.

Roads near Hybe and other places in South Korea were also lit up with attention-grabbing Jimin boards.

Jimin's project in Busan

A group of fans also coordinated a recognition for Jimin in his old Busan neighborhood.

As a team with the specialists, ARMY illuminated the 118-meter tower in Yongdusan Park with his name. This is the first time this resort vacation spot has recognized a superstar project.

Also, when the artist returned to Seoul, Jimin was shocked to see how the Yongsan I-Park Mall was fully illuminated and beautifully decorated to celebrate his birthday. Besides, in honor of the BTS singer, the ARMY decided to name this place “Jiminland”.

What sign is Jimin?

As indicated by the Western astrology gaze and by the month the BTS singer was born, Jimin has a place with the Libra sign. On the other hand, as the Chinese zodiac indicates, the famous K-Pop artist is from the Pig sign since he came to the world in 1995.

Some people describe this sign as persistent, carefree, averse to battle, delicate and generous.

What is Jimin's real age?

The BTS piece has a birthday on October 13, 1995, so right now it is 26 years old. However, due to a social custom in South Korea, Jimin is seen as a 27-year-old Korean.

Jimin on VLive for his birthday

The usual live broadcast of Jimin for his birthday could not be missed at the date. From Jungkook's studio, 'ChimChim' welcomed nearly 4 million ARMYs on the web. Maknae and J-Hope also joined the movement.