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BTS's Jungkook wows ARMY with new look he showed at online concert

Luis Rafael
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BTS Jungkook's Golden maknae shook the online media with an excellent online concert that intrigued his fans.

Also, he appeared with a new look that impressed everyone at the event, everyone is talking about him on Instagram.

BTS's online show Permission to dance on stage was held on October 24 for the enjoyment of ARMY.

These occasions are ideal events for makeovers and Jungkook was one of the Bangtan Boys to put on another hairstyle. Find out here why the Bangtan member was # 1 on Twitter.

BTS's Jungkook wows ARMY with new look he showed at online concert
BTS's Jungkook wowed ARMY with his new look he showed at an online concert

Jungkook's new look has made a big impact on social media

Jeon Jungkook appeared with a new hair color on BTS's online show.

The tone used by BTS's maknae was a mint tone, which totally blew ARMY in the soundcheck of the internet-based event. ARMY has spoken out on social media, and they haven't stopped talking about Jungkook's 's new look.

Another detail of the look that captured the attention of his fans was the tank top that Jungkook wore in the presentation of "Fake love", to which some chains were added around his torso, in addition to wearing long boots. The K-pop icon sported a new piercing and flaunted his tattoos unapologetically throughout the show.

How did ARMY react to this radical change?

BTS fans shared their excitement and shock for Jungkook's new look on one of the artist's most-used social media, Twitter.

This made the name of the brilliant maknae number 1 worldwide, while different expressions, for example, "Mint Jungkook ", "Blonde Jungkook" or "Jeon Jungkook" also occupied the top positions on Twitter today.

ARMY, was faithful to the artist and expressed his good wishes and all his excitement for this new change in style. Jungkook's new look made a big impact around the world this weekend and millions of people are talking about it.

Jungkook sends a message to the haters

BTS's maknae surprised his bandmates and ARMY when he said the following before playing the tune "So What": "I want to say something to everyone who doesn't like me... So what! (So what)", while commenting that he had a lot to complain about, because of the strong destructive criticism from his detractors. This caused his fans to praise the award-winning artist's behavior through social media.

Following BTS's online show, each of the seven artists headed to Weverse to give their impressions and give away some selfies to their fans. "I'm late to thank you. Yesterday I was so happy. And be careful not to catch a cold, the days get colder! See you soon", thus ended his comment Jungkook.

After the occasion, the brand 32 Dawn shared the model of the chain that they remade for Jungkook. They also prepared the bracelets that the maknae of the meeting wore.