BTS's Taehyung reveals he suffers from self-esteem issues

Cristian García
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Recently, a new episode of the BTS docu-series was released, titled Bring The Soul. In this way, in the fourth chapter of said series, Taehyung would be giving some statements never made before and that would worry his fans or ARMY. Thus, the idol would be indicating that he has suffered from self-esteem problems that he is currently trying to overcome.

BTS's Taehyung reveals he suffers from self-esteem issues – Showbiz

Taehyung is considered one of the most beautiful and caring K-pop artists. Even so, everything seems to indicate that even one of the most beautiful people in the world can suffer from self-esteem problems. All this has been released after some statements given by V in the fourth chapter of the docu-series, Bring The Soul.

BTS's Taehyung confides in Bring the Soul chapter that he suffers from self-esteem issues

Taehyung started the conversation by pointing out the love he has for ARMYs and also reflected that it is essential to love oneself to love others. In this way, it would be reflecting the message of the famous BTS song, Answer: Love Myself :

You know they say "One must love oneself first to love others"... I really love ARMY, but I don't think he has loved me enough until now.

On the other hand, the idol noted that he finds himself working hard on loving himself and feeling this way all the time. Thus, everything seems to point to the ARMY helping him with it:

I'm trying to love myself right now I am aware of what I have, and I think "I am happy with what I have, and I love that". I try to think that way all the time. It's something I constantly work on.

In this way, BTS's V has made these comments perhaps to encourage those fans who are going through difficult times. Thus, seeing the vulnerable side of said idol could help others to understand that everyone has their problems, even the luckiest and most beloved people in the world.

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