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BTS's V is the King of Instagram without Instagram account

Fermín Gómez
5 min read

In recent days BTS has been consecrated with its passage to the Hall of Fame with 23 recognitions related to its participation in social networks. In this sense, BTS continues to make history and is that BTS's V is the King of Instagram without having an account on that popular social network.

The incredible photos and photos taken from the videos are known about this fabulous band before being published. With a unique and special style, they have managed their information wisely through social networks, to the point of expanding internationally.

So something that usually sounds like sheer insanity is totally doable. In the following article we will explain what this member has done to receive this nickname, but most of all, how he did it without an official account.

Scope of social networks

It is no secret to anyone that social networks have become part of our lives. The use of mobile devices and the management of information is what leads us to communicate through this means, day after day.

This makes networks the applications and platforms most used by the general public. For this reason, artists use these digital tools to achieve more boom in the promotions of their releases or as a way of being continuously in contact with their fans.

Also, social networks have been a tool to revive songs. In specials on networks such as Instagram or Tiktok in which fragments of songs are taken to perform challenges.

In addition, it is a way to reach a new audience and in record time. These means have been used by V, the other members of BTS, and many colleagues of the genre. Who are the ambassadors of their land and their music.

BTS's V is the King of Instagram without Instagram account – Showbiz

Music and social media

Music companies have made use of social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to promote new themes, collaborations, new groups and projects.

This is because these platforms have been serving for years, in the musical field, for the promotion of themes, collaborations, studying market trends and the reactions of millions of followers.

In addition to the fact that the platform allows you to generate income by the number of followers, views, among other methods, it also serves to transmit messages and connect with fans.

Fan clubs and official accounts allow the public to be informed of the group's projects and plans.

Thanks to the reach of social networks, many of the followers can be updated with the relevant information of their favorite artists, even interacting with them. The scope is almost unlimited and 100% of the artists use them.

BTS on social media

The impact of this k-pop band is not limited to their presentations on platforms or social events but it reaches all social networks. V has been the idol model in this Instagram opportunity.

It is that the charm, enthusiasm and well-taken photos that this group shows do not go unnoticed anywhere and even less on the networks.

The BTS group has its official account in the different networks as a group in which they upload information about all the members, in addition to having their individual accounts.

In them you will surely get any information you want to know about them, from their beginnings, recognitions and awards. Even the progress of your projects, photo shoots and video trailers.

For this reason, millions of fans day after day are aware of all the information that these guys publish to give them their unconditional support. The comments and reactions they generate are many and every day they set trends.

The aforementioned happened on his Twitter, YouTube and Spotify accounts. In them, thanks to their millions of fans, they recently broke world records, which opened their way to the Guinness Hall of Fame.

Does V have an Instagram account or not?

It is not a secret for anyone that many artists, in addition to having the official account of the group, manage a personal official account. However, there are also those who have a private account through which they communicate only with family and friends.

Recently in a publication that V made, his phone could be seen and on it there was a notification with the Instagram logo. Well this may be a notification of the company's account or it may have an account that few know about.

At the moment there is no official account of the artist on this social network, although this possibility is strongly believed, since the artist likes to take photos a lot.

One of the favorite networks to share this type of content is Instagram, so the probabilities increase.

BTS on Instagram

One of the favorite means of communication for the group is Instagram. Since we all know that this platform is used to upload how much information they need to convey to fans about projects, topics, etc.

Before the launching of videos or songs, the singers take advantage of setting up photographic sessions and fragments of the video. It is then through this means that fans have contact with V on Instagram.

In the last few days, individual photos of the group have been shown for the theme " Butter ". Among them, V's photos received 10 million “likes” from all his fans. This is how V was crowned the King of Instagram with the most reactions to his photo, without having an official account.