Cardi B wags her tail and heats up the nets

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The New York singer has the practice of sharing photos and videos of her on her networks that are all the rage among her followers, the videos and photos are quite extravagant just like her.

Cardi B wags her tail and heats up the nets – Showbiz – WebMediums

That is to say that it is usually very normal for the rapper to upload things to her networks to say "hot" things in some way, and this without a doubt is what her followers like the most, spontaneity, and her particular way of being is what that manages to capture the attention of its loyal audience.

She is perfectly clear on how to be the center of attention on social networks, in her last shared video we can see one of the many occurrences of Cardi to get everyone's attention.

There is no doubt that this woman has striking curves, and that in each publication she makes, she looks for a way to make those curves stand out, what is not shown, is not sold, they say! And she knows perfectly how to take advantage of her attributes.

This video that the singer from the Bronx leaves, gives a small sample of the gift she has to move her hips, many of her followers assure that she has it, and this video is a confirmation of it. Even though the video lasts only a few seconds, the video has already reached more than 6 million views in just 11 hours, incredible, isn't it?

The singer is shown in a sideways pose with one hand on her head and the other putting a finger in her mouth, she is wearing a fairly tight dress that accentuates her wonderful curves and high heels, but what her followers like the most is how she moves her hips and glutes in a very practical and quite sexy way.

Everyone is delighted with the video and its number of reproductions continues to increase, they assure that her hip movement is a gift that Cardi B has; recently the rapper was awarded for having the best Hip Hop video clip at the VWA's.

Also, soon they will be seeing her in movie theaters as Cardi B will participate in the movie "Hustlers" with Jennifer Lopez, which means that she is happy because her career is at its best.

Cardi B wags her tail and heats up the nets – Showbiz – WebMediums