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Cheong Ho Won: The K-pop Icon Who Performed Chayanne's "A Century Without You"

Luis Rafael
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The famous Korean artist with Latin American roots makes fans and Chayanne himself completely moved and in love with his interpretation of one of the most beloved songs of all "A Century Without You" by Chayanne.

The young Cheong Ho is a symbol of K-pop who was born in Chile and who has caused a great impact on social networks and as a result of the delivery of his Spanish version of "A century without you" with his band W24, he did everyone will remember the 53-year-old Latin artist's moving song.

Cheong Ho Won: The K-pop Icon Who Performed Chayanne's "A Century Without You"

Since the cover of "A Century Without You" was launched on the Korean group's YouTube channel, it has effectively exceeded 1,000,000 views on its channel and is close to 10,000 comments on the video stage, this has been one of the most trending videos from W24.

His performance was so successful that the real Chayanne, who was the composer of the song he managed to hear it and was very impressed and posted it through his social media. He saw it as a good job and admitted to being moved when hearing the song for the first time.

It wasn't just fans who experienced passionate feelings for Cheong Ho Won's cover. The Puerto Rican artist himself, Chayanne, manifested himself on the networks saying the following:

"When they shared this cover with me, I realized that romantic music has no limits or generations, thank you very much" concluded the ballad singer.

Who is the Korean idol Cheong Ho Won?

Cheong Ho Won or also known as "Ho Won" is an artist who is 29 years old. His parents are from South Korea, however, he came to the world on October 27, 1992 in Chile due to his parents' work and lived in Chile, he also lived the first 5 years of his life in that country.

The star has also resided in other Latin American countries until the age of 19. One of them is Peru, where he was trained in a Korean school, according to his accessible data.

Ho Won is currently a performer for W24, a four-member K-pop group that appeared on March 8, 2018 under the J Army Entertainment office. The organization also worked with Coffee Prince actress Kim Eun Hye.