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Coldplay Galantis and BTS release new remix of "My Universe"

Luis Rafael
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One of the latest news that has caused a great impact in the world of K-pop is the new song that will be performed by Galantis, BTS and Coldplay, one of the best musical combinations in the entire industry.

ARMY is gearing up for the release of one of the band's most successful remixes.

This new presentation is about another variant of "My universe" by BTS and Coldplay after the one by Suga, but this time by the acclaimed Swedish electronic music couple Galantis.

The famous duo Galantis showed the public a trace of what could be a joint effort with BTS and Coldplay at 1:00 p.m. on November 4; hours after the fact, they reported that a remix of the song “My Universe” was going to be released in addition to the one released by member Suga.

Shortly after the declaration of the 7Fates: CHAKHO computerized comic and the addition of Bangtan to the soundtrack of Sing 2: Come and sing eleven more !, Galantis undertook an action that created a stir among his fans, Coldplayers and ARMY.

Through web media, the electronic music creator couple posted an image of a light blue organizer alongside their name and those of BTS and Coldplay.

They also tagged these acclaimed ensembles that reached number 1 on Billboard in the post.

Coldplay Galantis and BTS release new remix of "My Universe"
Coldplay Galantis and BTS release new remix of "My Universe"

Coldplay clarifies the doubts about the Remix of "My universe" with BTS and Galantis

Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest feats that these groups will perform, since the community of fans that each one of them has is really large.

The moment they posted that they were going to make a new remix, social media came to a complete halt and automatically took the spotlight. In addition, many people begin to have some doubts about what they were going to witness and what it would be like.

Since, the European creators, who from now on have a vision of K-pop, did not share more descriptions in their update, so it was not stated what the work was together with BTS and Coldplay at the time of the statement.

However, the YouTube channel of the British band, led by Chris Martin, dispelled all doubts by announcing the start of the debut of the remix of "My universe" by Galantis. After these things began to calm down again and the doubts of ARMY and the Coldplayers were clarified.

Debut of the next remix of "My universe" by Galantis

The premiere of this great song is something that all the followers of the groups yearn for, for that reason, on the artists' pages they affirmed what time this remix is going to be published.

For all BTS, Coldplay and Galantis fans, the new remix of the great song "My universe" will be available on the YouTube platform starting November 4 at 07:00 PM local time.

Through the official BTS account you can enjoy this theme starring great artists of the genre.

This is the first time that Coldplay is going to carry out a project with Galantis, they had never shared a studio before and this new song has been a total adventure.

The English singer claims that he felt quite a pleasant synergy while working alongside Galantis on this remix.

However, Coldplay and BTS had already had encounters on other occasions and have had no problem sharing the studio. Since both parties have a good connection they have always liked to collaborate together.

Galantis reported a joint effort with BTS in 2020

With the arrival of Galantis, ARMY has tracked down an old clue: in February 2020, the creators reacted to a demand for a joint effort, together with Bangtan in which they claim to have worked so far with the Korean superstars currently designated for MAMA 2021.

However, this information had gone unnoticed and many people had not taken into account the presentation made by both groups.

ARMY is the largest fan community in the world, and they are very eager to see what the 3 groups have in store for them.

The famous K-pop band “BTS” is undoubtedly the most famous today, and it is no secret to anyone that it has the most loyal followers on the internet. Therefore, they consider that the video about this remix of "My universe" is one of the most viewed on their account.

They honestly have everything to achieve it, the talent, the motivation and for this occasion they will be counting on 2 great groups that have dominated in the industry since the last decades. That is why it is very possible that the K-pop band will achieve its mission.