Date's rumors between the Blackpink Got7 Idols “Rosé and Mark Tuan”

Luis Rafael
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There are rumors about alleged dates once again. During his particular excursions to Paris for the Fashion Week, the geniuses of the k-pop, Rosé and Mark Tuan, were connected with nostalgia and caused chaos through The online media.

Following this, one of the two included was planted through a post that erased shortly and had reactions found. What happened with the particular individuals of blackpink and GOT7, and why would they say they are so connected? Here we tell you your story.

Date's rumors between the Blackpink Got7 Idols “Rosé and Mark Tuan”
Rosé and Mark Tuan

Rosé and Mark Tuan in Paris

Rosé was presented last weekend in the French capital to be interested in Paris Fashion Week, E Summer-spring 2022, as representative of the house of Extravagances Yves Saint Laurent. At the date, she appeared next to Jisoo, her accomplice of blackpink and Dior delegate separately.

Shortly after, it was learned that Mark, rapper of GOT7 and currently after its takeoff from JYP, It moved from its locality in the United States to the European country to apply to this style parade considered the most important in the sector.

Talks about Rosé and Mark dates

After discovering that Mark was presented in Paris as well as Rosé, some fans were incomprehensible to review the gossip that related to both previously.

Be that as it was, after the rapper published a photograph in the Eiffel Tower and that Jisoo discovered a representation of it together with Rosé in the emblematic design mentioned above, this New quadrene ashamed was unleashed through the media of the network.

The reaction of Mark Tuan

Mark Tuan was not silent after theories. Although he did not refer directly to the case, he published a tuit in which he made a reasonable insinuation, coinciding with the fans.

"You are all so funny... Stop now", he said accompanying his words with an emoticon of a joke face.

The response of fans

The artist of "one of so many" erased the post soon after, but the screenshot of the publication was leaked immediately, since the Internet users responded with a variety of responses.

From a point of view, there were people who deciphered the reaction of the symbol as a joke by Roseanne Park by the emoticon. On the other hand, his fans praised his frankness when closing the hypotheses and explained that no joke was expected towards the star of Blackpink, but towards the gossip.

The reports of previous dates of Mark and Rosé

Before, the k-pop symbols were related up to multiple occasions by publications in online media.

The last theory before the case of Paris occurred on January 6 of this year. On that date, the artist of "On the Ground" A picture of him climbed in the snow with the subtitle "Nectar, it's cold outside", and Mark published that same day a photo of him, which many found comparable, next to the phrase "I'm cold in any way"