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Early years of the boy band SEVENTEEN

Fermín Gómez
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Seventeen was styled as SEVENTEEN or SVT, it is a South Korean k-pop musical group run by the Pledis Entertainment company, formed in Hangul in 2012 and debuted in 2015.

The group is made up of thirteen young people: S. Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, THE8, DK, Mingyu, Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino.

In turn, the band is divided into three parts or subunits. Each one of them constitutes a different specialization: Hip Hop Unit, Vocal Unit and Performance Unit.

Along with the special sub-unit BSS made up of DK, its leader, Seungkwan and Hoshi, the boy band debuted in May 2015 with the theme song Adore U, which is part of their first mini album: 17 Carat.

To date, the group has released: 1 compilation album, 3 studio albums, 2 special albums and 8 EPs or mini-albums in South Korea.

First Singles

In their first performance, the group revealed a teaser for their debut music video, which contains an original song from the group. Two music videos were subsequently released, each corresponding to their songs Shining Diamond and Adore U.

In May 2015 they released their first mini album. The date of the music video for the song Adore U was released online on the 29th at midnight. His official debut was made on MBC's Show Champion.

His album 17 Carat reached ninth place on the Billboard World Albums chart within a week of its debut, and after a month had passed, his music video reached 900,000 views.

At the end of 2015, their second mini album Boys Be was released in conjunction with the music video for their song Mansae.

This video comes in two versions titled Hide and Seek. It contains songs where its members Won Woo, S. Coups, Min Gyu, Woozi, and Vernon participated in the lyrics of the songs and the production of the songs.

The Mansae theme contains a strong mix of funk, hip-hop and pop. It was composed by those mentioned previously and the singer-songwriter in charge of providing the voice was Kye Bum Zu. The lyrics for the song were co-written by Woozi and Kye Bum Zu, with arrangements made by the latter.

Early years of the boy band SEVENTEEN – Showbiz – WebMediums

Seventeen activities in 2015 and 2016

Love & Letter is her first full album, released in April 2016, it appeared in two versions: Love and Letter. He sold many copies in presale.

It became number one on the Gaon Album Chart and Oricon Weekly Pop Album Charts in Japan.

Seventeen was awarded his first award on a music show with the song Pretty U, and the album came in at No. 4 on the 2016 Gaon Album Chart.

Love & Letter was re-released with the album Love & Letter Repackage in July 2015 with a new promo single Very Nice.

The Seventeen 1st Asia Tour 2016: Shining Diamonds, which ran across several countries: Japan, Singapore, Australia and China, started immediately after launch.

The concerts began in South Korea and sold 13,000 tickets for their first performance in July of that year.

In December, they released their third mini album Going Seventeen in three versions: Make a Wish, Make it Happen, and Make the Seventeen.

This album, after reaching over 130,000 sales in the first week, debuted at number one on the Gaon Album Chart.