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Electroboyz: remembering your best songs and albums

Fermín Gómez
3 min read

Electroboyz was a music group made up of Maboos who was their rapper and leader, 1kyne, rapper and dancer, and Chakun, their last member, and Maknae (the youngest), who was also a vocalist.

These artists have themes that continue to sound strongly in many circles. For this reason the best Electroboyz songs and albums will be featured in the next article.

Their songs continue to be heard as they have left a permanent legacy, although they are not currently active. It is a band with many attributes and a very pleasant message to the ears.

Below is an account of how the band was formed and what their artistic creations have been, highlighting the most important ones.

How was Electroboyz created?

Debuting in 2010, as duo 1kyne and Maboos to bring the Hip-Hop genre to life. For 2011 it is presented as a trio, incorporating Chakun. In the musical aspect, they stood out for bringing a single sound through different projects.

They are natives of South Korea, a country that has been characterized by hosting numerous groups of great musical quality. They worked under the Brave Entertainment agency.

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They managed to release 2 full albums. Among them In Love in 2013, it featured the songs Ma boy 3 in collaboration with Nana. Also, it had the songs Ride With Me, Love, Good Night, Hot, No1, Ma Boy 2, the remastered version, among others.

On the other hand, the album Sunglasses, released in mid-2016, presents the themes Sunglasses in collaboration with Seo In Young, Vroom Vroom, Chanel Bag, which featured the participation of Punch. Likewise, you can enjoy high-quality songs such as Wait A Minute, Turn It Up, Kissing In The Rain, among other songs.

Mini album

Electroboyz only released a mini album that was released at the end of 2013. In this mini album there are only 6 songs, among them New Beginning, Busted in participation with C-Luv, Hiphop Chick, MaMa with the participation of Ahn Jae Suk.

Digital Singles

Of the Digital singles that the band has, it includes Super Girl in 2010, Break Up in 2011, Imma Take You Homme and May Love in 2012. Also, there are Feeling Nervous and Let It Rain in 2013 and Bang Bang Crossroads in 2014.


Electroboyz collaborated with Brave Brothers for the track Draw You, as well as Jo Sung Mo to record the track More and More and for NS Yoon Ji with DJ Don't Stop. These three singles were released in the months of September, August and October respectively during 2010.

For 2011 they participated with T-ARA for the song 1 Beautiful Girl. And for 2012 with Jjun they collaborated on Fly High. All these collaborations left a deep mark on the group, which made them grow as artists, allowing them to offer better music every time.

Most popular songs

Although there may be many opinions about it, and considering that each fan has their favorite songs, the singles Good night, Break up, In love, Sunglasses, Kissing in The Rain and My Love were the most relevant.

This group has stood out both as a group and in joint creations with other artists, whether of the genre or not. They have been artists capable of transmitting a message through their lyrics that move all ears that delight in their songs.