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Han Seo Hee to jail: controversial K-pop celebrity convicted of attempted escape

Luis Rafael
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The famous Korean celebrity Han Seo Hee cursed in the presence of the judge after being held in court for risk of flight, according to Korean media.

K-pop icon trainee Han So Hee has been sentenced to 18 months in jail while the first trial is underway after being convicted of using methamphetamine while on probation, something that has caused quite a stir in recent days.

During the review of the decision that was held on November 17 (KST), the 26-year-old renowned Korean celebrity was arrested for trying to escape. As a result, he rebelled against the designated authority and used foul language that was inappropriate, K-media claims.

Han Seo Hee to jail: controversial K-pop celebrity convicted of attempted escape

The Seongnam Branch First Criminal Division of the Suwon District Court handed down the sentence for Han Seo Hee in the main trial which was held on the 17th.

Also, even though the Korean celebrity was on probation, they arrested her on the risk of her running away again.

The judge talks about the sentence

"Ms. Han stated that the paper cup fell into the latrine during a urine test conducted at the probation office, however, there was no evidence that it was mixed with the substance from the latrine in the Forensic Service investigation. National".

"We reject the case that his urine test was mixed with that of another person, since the other two of the three residents who underwent the test at that time were men", said the judge who handed down the sentence, "according to a News1 report".

Many people claim that the judge did not have the whole reason to make that decision and that in part the famous K-pop idol was a little right, since they did not have enough evidence to arrest her.

However, the judge later claimed that he had to arrest her because she had previously escaped, had it not been for her escape action earlier, Han Seo Hee was on probation.

Han Seo Hee to jail: controversial K-pop celebrity convicted of attempted escape
Han Seo Hee sentenced to prison for attempted escape

Han Seo Hee cursed the judge upon learning that she will be sentenced to jail

According to the media, the choice was not recognized by the controversial former K-pop trainee, who screamed and behaved rudely after hearing the conviction.

"M*****, really? I'm not going to run away or be arrested. Judge, what about you? There is no good excuse to sentence me to jail!", This was what the famous Han mentioned Seo Hee.

"In case you are not satisfied with the decision, request the appeal," the designated authority responded accordingly. However, Han continued to use obscenities while escorting her out of court and cursing while telling the judge that she did not know what she was doing.

The famous K-pop celebrity raised a ruckus on the jail bus

The most well-known Korean media such as “Chosun” report that the detainee also fought in the defendants' room and made a ruckus on the jail bus, also became angry and had rude behavior with the personnel of the Ministry of Justice. Justice.

Han Seo Hee's legal troubles

Han Seo Hee, considered an adversary by a huge segment of K-pop fans, was blamed in October 2016 for smoking marijuana more than once at TOP's home in Seoul.

The following year, she was sentenced to three years in suspended prison and four years of probation.

For the month of July 2020, she tested positive for methamphetamine and amphetamine during an unexpected urine test, for which she was confined to a place of probation a few days later.

She guaranteed an error in the test and after a while she was released for a hair test that ruled it out.

Despite all this, in the same way, after a couple of weeks the prosecution opened the case and charged her again for using methamphetamine while she was in the probation process, at the moment it happened, Han began to riot and reveal himself to authority.

Han Seo Hee to jail: controversial K-pop celebrity convicted of attempted escape
How did Han Seo Hee's legal troubles start?

The former trainee originally appeared in the most prestigious Korean media outlets across the country for the TOP case. Han Seo Hee had never before been captured by the media in such a way until this terrible controversy with her drug problem happened.

However, it does not mean that it was the only time something like this happened. After that moment they began to implicate her in terrible accusations.

To date, these accusations have been denied, against BI and Wonho, who ended up leaving the groups they were in, and other celebrities of the genre.