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Jin and JiU winners as King and Visual Queen of Forbes Korea 2021

Fermín Gómez
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Once again, K-pop artists continue to give something to talk about. And it is time to find out who are the 40 celebrities that will be part of the Forbes Korea list.

Obviously Jin and JiU could not be left out of that select group of millionaires.

On South Korea's prestigious list, K-pop band vocalists Jin from BTS and JiU from Dreamcatcher, formerly known as Minx, have appeared.

Learn more about these fabulous artists and why they were nominated as the visual kings.

Forbes Korea

It is a magazine that has been in charge of establishing an annual list, among celebrities, athletes, musicians, among others. Forbes Korea magazine considers the popularity levels of the nominated characters based on their performance, influence, popularity levels and other aspects to consider fulfilled the year before the award ceremony.

With this in mind, year after year since 2009, the most relevant characters from South Korea have been listed.

Visual King of the K-pop genre

This time the winner for Rey Visual was Jin from BTS. This was published by the magazine after accounting for the results of the public love Idol Chamo, in which the artist was nominated everywhere.

Following his application in 2019, Jin adopted the nickname Mr. Worldwide Handsome. In which he got to obtain almost 37% of global votes, in which he competed with 10 other applicants.

Top 4 of the Visual King nomination

No. 4 spot: Lee Know from Stray Kids.

No. 3 spot: EXO's Suho.

No. 2 spot: ASTRO's Cha Eunwoo.

No. 1 spot: BTS's Jin.

Jin from BTS

He is the leader of group BTS. At 28, he is one of the boyband's vocalists and dancers. In addition, as a personal resume he is a model and an actor.

Jin and JiU winners as King and Visual Queen of Forbes Korea 2021

Visual Queen of the K-pop genre

Similarly, the magazine by voting asked fans to choose who would be the Visual Queen. This time the winner was JiU from Dreamcatcher, reaching 45% of the votes compared to the other candidates.

Top 4 of the Visual Queen nomination

No. 4 spot: Red Velvet's Joy.

No. 3 spot: BLACKPINK's Jennie.

No. 2 spot: TWICE's Nayeon.

No. 1 spot: Dreamcatcher's JiU.

JiU by Dreamcatcher

JiU is the leader of the Dreamcatcher group. At 27, she is one of the girlband's vocalists, songwriters and dancers. The band recently released their latest hit called " Becouse " which took place in July.

What were the results of Forbes Korea 2021?

This will be announced in the next edition that will take place during the month of October. Also, you can get the information through the magazine's official channel on the YouTube platform.

These have been some of the awards and recognitions that the k-pop genre has achieved. However, this year has been very good for projects of the genre. They have had appearances in the Met Gala, other groups have broken world-class records and others do not fall from the top of the most requested music charts.

Undoubtedly, the work that these groups have done over all these years has yielded positive results for this genre and the South Korean culture. For sure, these will not be the only awards they receive, we will have to wait until the end of the year to continue counting successes.