JYP Entertainment announces TWICE's Mina is working tirelessly for her comeback

Cristian García
2 min read

Recently, news broke that TWICE's Mina would be returning to the musical realm after going through serious anxiety issues, requiring her removal from the public spotlight. In this way, J YP Entertainment has made new statements announcing that the idol would be working hard to please all her fans or ONCE.

JYP Entertainment announces TWICE's Mina is working tirelessly for her comeback

At the moment, it has not been announced if the idol would be returning to the stage to promote TWICE's new single, Feel Special. Even so, Mina would be participating in all the songs of the new musical album of said girl band. Therefore, the ONCEs would be extremely excited after hearing this wonderful news.

JYP Entertainment reveals TWICE's Mina works tirelessly to satisfy comeback to satisfy ONCE

In the teaser video for TWICE's mina, the artist is seen looking sensual and wearing quite classic clothes. In addition, it would reveal a preview of what would be the new theme of said K-pop group, Feel Special. This would be generating great attention worldwide, after the artist retired from the stage due to her anxiety problems.

TWICE's agency JYP Entertainment announced that Mina had asked to return to the stage as soon as possible, which is why she would be included on the album Feel Special. In this way, the idol would reflect how hard-working she is and her need to please the ONCEs on all kinds of occasions.

TWICE will be making a comeback with their track Feel Special on October 23. In recent days, several teasers have been released for the new single by said girl band. In addition, this comeback is expected to be one of the most successful of 2019 thanks to all the support from ONCE and the great work that TWICE and their entire team have done to bring this new musical project.