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Kep1er Girls Planet 999 winners land a contract with a K-pop agency

Luis Rafael
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The nine GP999 winners now have a new K-pop leadership. You can know everything about the new premiere of this girl band in this article.

The assumptions about Kep1er's performance develop after the Girls Planet 999 finale. Since the last and surprising top 9 is known, fans are closer and closer to observing the publication of the new project of the girlband.

What are you thinking about the next stage of the K-pop girl band and their new agency? Here we are going to present the data stated by CJ E&M, the company that owns the Korean channel Mnet.

Kep1er Girls Planet 999 winners land a contract with a K-pop agency
Kep1er Girls Planet 999 winners land a contract with a K-pop agency

What is the meaning of Kep1er?

The name of the girlband comes from the galactic idea of the resistance reality show also called "Planeta de Chicas", translated into Spanish. In addition, it alludes to the fantasies of the aspirants and the help they received from the voters or "watchers of the planet."

According to a CJENM article, "Kep" implies that they have managed to fulfill their fantasies (from the English word for action "keep") and the number 1 shows the solidarity of the nine individuals to be impressive and their excellent teamwork.

It is worth mentioning that, thanks to the magnificent performance they had in Girls Planet 999, they are the artists will be forming part of the main lineup of K-pop debutants. The girlband will be made up of 2 members from Japan, 1 from China, and 6 from Korea, an international band, each with an authentic style.

What will be the new Kep1er agency?

The nine winners of GP999 will make a big appearance as Kep1ers under the contract of Wakeone Entertainment and Swing Entertainment, one of the best K-pop record companies in the world.

The above organization is most popular for being the home of TO1, a first-class young male band that was also conceived from a Mnet survival show, and Davichi, a female team with a long and effective profession.

On the other hand, Swing Entertainment was in charge of the exercises of the past groups of the Produce series (WANNA ONE, X1 and IZ * ONE). As of now he has soloists Kim Jae Hwan, Natty, Kim Youngheum, and Xani under his brand.

How long will the Kep1er deal last?

CJ E&M expressed to K-media Edaily that Kep1er's band contract with Wakeone Entertainment and Swing Entertainment will be in place for more than two years. From that moment on, individuals will have to change agencies unless their contract is renewed, which may be a possibility depending on their artistic development over time.

When will the presentation of Kep1er be?

Regarding the date of presentation of Kep1er, there is no data accessible right now.

In any case, CJ E&M informed Edaily that its obligation is to help with the joint project exercises.

However, the estimated date when this excellent girl group will debut as K-pop artists will most likely come to light in the coming weeks.

What is the name of Kep1er's fan club?

Formally, there is no name for being a fan of the new youth gang; However, the proposals that the fans of the band have are beginning to sound through social networks. Among the best known are: "Keepers", "Planets", "9alaxy" and "Guardians"

Who will be the leader of Kep1er?

The head of Kep1er has not yet been declared, however, among the fans there are as of now the main ones chosen for this position. They are: Yujin, Dayeon and Mashiro.

Who is Kep1er's maknae?

The youngest member or maknae of the famous K-pop group is “Yeseo”, who came into the world on August 22, 2005. He already appeared with Busters before appearing on Girls Planet 999.

It should be noted that Huening Bahiyyih came to the world on July 27, 2004 and will be the second-youngest person in the Kep1er youth group; However, she is also known to be the younger sister of TXT's Huening Kai.