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Learn more about Jun from the band SEVENTEEN

Fermín Gómez
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K-pop genre groups have taken the lead in the music world.

Their very particular way of working, where their members have an active participation both in the creations and in the production, makes them more innovative, presenting such a variety that captivates the public.

On this occasion, Pledis Entertainment is the agency that is in charge of the direction of the group SEVENTEEN. This time we will talk about one of its members: Wen Jun Hui.

First steps in STV

Wen Jun Hui was born on June 10, 1996 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. He was raised by his parents alongside his younger brother, who is a child actor.

Jun from a very young age, approximately since he was two years old, had appearances in dramas, movies, and commercials.

In his childhood, he learned to play the piano and is also fond of martial arts. Practicing this last hobby, he has won prizes in various competitions.

He studied at different schools: Phuket High School, Buji Senior High School and at the University's International Language Institute.

He is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and fluent in Korean. He enjoys acting, singing, practicing martial arts, and playing the piano.

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Jun's acting performance

After making small appearances in dramas and commercials, at age 11 Jun Hui made his first lead role in the movie called The Pye-Dog where he played Lin Zhi Hong.

This film is about a 12-year-old boy with learning disabilities, who had never said a word despite not being mute.

The film was released in November 2007. Jun was nominated for Best New Actor during the 27th Hong Kong Film Awards of the same year.

At age 13 he got a role where he played a young master of Chinese martial arts with the character of Ip Man.

He also made the second installment of the biopic The Legend Is Born: Ip Man. This film was released in December 2010 in Beijing and in April 2011 in Hong Kong.

With the movie My Mother playing Lin Yi Long, she performed her second professional role. The film narrates the events that occurred after a widowed woman loses everything, after the death of her husband. Jun played the youngest son of the main protagonist.

The film was released in September 2013, it also has a small appearance of his younger brother.

In 2015, at the age of 18, he landed a role in Untouchable, a web series where he played Xiao De Gula, a funny and somewhat self-centered vampire.

The series began airing on Sohu TV from July to September 2015. This role was his last performance before fully dedicating himself to his music career.

Jun's participation in SEVENTEEN

Jun was found by a Pledis Entertainment scout on the street, when he and a friend were at a convenience store in China. After some tests and videos, he moved to Seoul to begin his period as a trainee.

Jun commented that he was curious about being a dancer at first, but after a while his desire to become a singer grew.

Jun's pre-debut on SEVENTEEN TV

With a show called SEVENTEEN TV in late 2012, the agency Pledis Entertainment held a Christmas special where they featured the members of the boy group planning to debut the following year.

Jun was part of the first 11 members introduced in the first season, with the nickname of Mr. Blue Earmuffs, since since their names were still unknown. The season aired in a total of fifteen episodes.

The second season began in March 2013 and in it 4 new members joined the group, to complete the 15 members.

In this season of the show, the members were differentiated by the color of their shirts. They formed groups to show preparation for the first concert. Jun was part of the red team.

Their performance is carried out as part of the performance unit within the group. He is a vocalist, principal and visual dancer.

Tv programs where Jun attended

Idols Above Quizzes (KBS2, 2020) Along with the group.

Player 7 (tvN, 2019) Together with the group.

The Collaboration (Tencent, 2018) Along with The8.

The Show, Warmup Time (SBS MTV, 2016) MC with ZHera.

The Show, Live Chatting (SBS MTV, 2015) Special MC.

Jun curiosities

Jun appeared on the Doki / Tencent / Cyzj channel on the Chao Yin Zhan Ji variety show in 2018.

He, together with The8, wrote the lyrics to his song My I. First they wrote them in Chinese, then they translated them into Korean.

He is in charge of designing the choreographies in the unit called the Performance Team for the group's songs.