Lizzo de BTS interprets a cover on the subject “Butter” In BBC Radio 1

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He wore a dark cylindrical top that he had "Vmin" composed in bright letters, the appellation that gave the individuals of BTS V and Jimin when lately he published a free way centered on his kinship in the wake of being caused by a part of Army. "I love you, you love me, actually as Jimin appreciates a bit of v / gooey as that propagation B / GOOEEY like that margarine B / Say that I like you, I liked / Bffs like Vmin, G", rapped in the video of Twitter last week.

The success of Billboard Hot 100-Garnish also completed in number 1 in the Summer Song diagram. The group of k-pop also interpreted "Spread" On your Live Lounge set recently. However, the artist of "Juice" He added his own voice of her "sticky" To the fresh song summer that she dropped out of her tongue with each cry of her as she shook with her sponsorship band.

Lizzo de BTS interprets a cover on the subject “Butter” In BBC Radio 1

Lizzo de Bts realized this wonderful cover and manifested his words

"I love the melody, I love the amazingly safe way of their music and the amazing thing is, so I was really anxious to sing this" he said during the BBC radio 1, adding that continuously "he sings it all over the house in any case" "I dedicated my imagination to make positive music, and BTS do just that. The world has fallen in love with them because they are very sweet and without adulterating and they have an acceptable heart. In addition, he needed to take some inspiration to the world through his melody"

Likewise, he played his theme "Bits of Gossip", with the help of Cardi B, which appeared at number 4 of the Hot 100 in August and provided it to Lizzo First success at the number 1 of the US Triller Top. of Billboard. The melody also reached number 1 in Hot R&B / Hip-Hop Songs and Hot Rap Songs.

Through the registration of authority of the British radio broadcast, it was shared how the vocalist offers life to one of the last successes of the meeting K-Pop, giving him the style of his characteristic voice.

The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge is a fragment in which some artisans interpret melodies from different vocalists or gatherings. On this occasion, Puff Daddy and Faith Evans sang "i'll be missing you", which is a version of "Each Breath You Take" From The Police, and the last visitor of the fragment was Lizzo to version "Butter" BTS has already been essential for this part when on July 1, 2021 they sang their own melodies "explosive" Y "AUTHORIZATION TO DANCE" Currently, we can listen to an interpretation of "Margarine" Made by Lizzo.

Lizzo loves the relationship of Jimin and V.

Lizzo has constantly communicated its affection for BTS and has shown its rare affection for Jimin and V's fellowship relationship. In this way, during your front of "Margarine", the artist chose to take an outfit in gratitude to her and Lizzo led a dark top with silver letters in which he was read "Vmin" which is the joint name that army has given the extraordinary kinship Between the two icons.