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Lowest-grossing Pixar movies

Jesús Tremont
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From the moment of conception, the PIXAR company has been one of the most relevant pioneers in the animation film industry, so much so that they still hold that well-deserved title today.

From the first movie to be produced, Toy Story, to the latest, Toy Story 4. PIXAR movies have fallen in love with a fanatic who couldn't be happier with the result of each installment.

Pixar movies with less public interest

However, not all that glitters is gold, and despite having a pretty good track record, no company is flawless, let alone perfect.

For this reason, we have decided to make a ranking of the worst movies that PIXAR has made throughout its many years, bringing us wonderful experiences.

Keep in mind that this ranking is completely subjective and does not mean that it is an absolute quality test, we simply bring you what we believe are the films that went through the most inconveniences during their development process, causing them to have been the ones that hit the nail the least. from our point of view. The top will be ordered from worst to best, Enjoy!


Lowest-grossing Pixar movies – Showbiz – WebMediums

Unfortunately, the last position was indisputable. Considered by many to be the only box office flop in the PIXAR catalogue, My Big Dinosaur (as it is known in Hispanic theaters) was, from its premiere, the victim of indifference and little interest on the part of the audience throughout the different countries. of the world whom he could not capture.

Despite the fact that the animation qualifies as a technical work taking care of the quality that PIXAR is always accustomed to, the story was dismissed by many as generic and without purpose, along with some logical criticism of how the characters were handled.

In short, A Great Dinosaur is a film that despite its many years in development, had to face a series of obstacles and creative differences for which it was not ready, resulting in a final product that, while not bad, stands out as mediocre for the greatness to which PIXAR had us accustomed.

7.CARS 2 (2011)

Lowest-grossing Pixar movies – Showbiz – WebMediums

Cars 2 was a strange addition to the PIXAR catalog. Normally, a sequel to a movie from the animated house is highly anticipated by audiences all over the world, but a sequel directed to a movie that did not have the expected resounding success was perhaps not the best idea.

Although the Cars franchise was never the most popular, the elements that the first installment of the saga brought to the table spoke of a story of learning, humility and going back to the roots of the sport; sadly, Cars 2 decided to take a shortcut down another avenue and focus more on being a weird spy installment than a movie with a clear message.

Coupled with underdeveloped characters and a belated renewable fuel subplot that doesn't garner enough audience weight, Cars 2 became a blur in PIXAR's near-perfect track record, which instead of presenting a comprehensive and entertaining experience, they ended up showing a film that had little to do with the saga, beyond its characters.

6.CARS 3 (2017)

Lowest-grossing Pixar movies – Showbiz – WebMediums

The third installment of this little praised saga comes up on this list. The third chapter of this saga takes us to a stage of Lightning Mcqueen where we will see him fight against the inevitable feeling of old age that every individual must face, especially someone dedicated to a physical sport.

Although on paper it has some merit, the main obstacle that this film faced was the crudeness with which it was marketed by the animation house, whose trailer promised a sad interpretation of a reality that seemed to be presented without censorship for create an end point within the saga.

Unfortunately, the saga could not end with dignity, since the film was cataloged by many members of the audience as another instance where the message provided was repetitive and somewhat predictable.

In the end, Lightning Mcqueen is able to embrace the idea of serving as a mentor to a new generation that would inevitably come to take his place, but without the necessary presence of endearing characters, the reaction to what should be a resounding ending to the franchise, it just isn't there.

5. BRAVE (2012)

Lowest-grossing Pixar movies – Showbiz – WebMediums

Valiente, as it is known in Spanish, is a fantasy film that takes place in a universe interesting enough to be a more than worthy delivery. However, the final product that was shown in theaters in 2012 unfortunately had some creative discrepancies that did not make the film reach the potential of which it was capable.

Being "Brave" the story of the young Mérida, and as she deals with the typical discrimination that existed as a daughter of the nobility within the middle ages, the film has classic elements within modern society to make a comment that could make more than one think.

However, an inconsistent tone and somewhat uneven pace made Brave an entertaining product, but nothing innovative.

Here we are in favor of believing that each film has a hidden potential somewhere, and in the case of Brave, it is very easy to give ourselves the task of finding all the things that could be focused on being a more complete product, so, at Despite being in this position, it is undeniable that Brave exists as a delivery with heart within a series of unfortunate decisions.


Lowest-grossing Pixar movies – Showbiz – WebMediums

The next spot on the list is listed as an interesting topic of conversation, as Monsters University is the long-awaited prequel to one of the most acclaimed films in Pixar history, Monsters Inc.

While Monsters University isn't particularly bad, far from it, it suffers from a creative flaw that very subtly made the original installment such a unique and different experience from other "monster" movies. MU tells us about the origins of the most monstrous dynamic duo acquaintance of recent times, and how during their college years they managed to overcome their differences and weaknesses to become best friends / scary duo.

Despite having very interesting elements, the film suffers from many instances where it is evident how little creativity the developers put into designing creative locations that reflect the culture of the universe in such a successful way as the first installment.

Instead, we see the various events unfold on a generic college campus, lacking the elements of the monster-ridden society we know and love. Except for Mike, most of the characters feel one-dimensional and there is no clear antagonist to move the plot forward.

Above all, Monsters University meets the modern minimum requirements to be a more than competent animated film with sisters like Despicable Me or Shrek 4, but it fails to be distinct enough not to feel formulaic and unnecessary.

3. FINDING DORY (2016)

Lowest-grossing Pixar movies – Showbiz – WebMediums

Another highly anticipated sequel by Pixar to what is one of the best films in history in our opinion, Finding Nemo.

However, as much as it is not a bad movie and despite the fact that Dory remains as funny as ever, Finding Dory is another of the many examples of how the need not to risk and play it safe with a long-awaited sequel. can generate such an unnecessary tape and in turn be very successful.

Yes, we all asked for a sequel to Finding Nemo. We fell in love with the characters, the ocean aesthetic was something to die for and PIXAR gave us an epic and moving adventure; so trying to relive that same feeling of nostalgia through a supporting character like Dory was perhaps the safest thing PIXAR could do.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to ignore that the original story was told in the first film and that this sequel does not fall into that same category.

It's nice to be able to take a look at old characters we love and new characters that are interesting. When coupled with top-notch animation, it creates a more than enjoyable experience.

A decent script provides some funny jokes and we already have a great children's film, but to become that " something else" that captivates us so much about PIXAR, we believe that it should go in a completely opposite direction. In short, the movie entertains us and we like Dory, but not so much the intentions behind it.

2.CARS (2006)

Lowest-grossing Pixar movies – Showbiz – WebMediums

Despite the criticism, we don't hate Cars as much as it seems. We just think that the world of this franchise is intended for younger audiences who don't need to justify so much certain elements that are introduced from this first installment.

Having said that, the Cars universe is pretty weird if you ask me. Basically each character is a self-propelled vehicle operating under the same rules as humans, and the biggest problem with this movie is summed up as well.

How a living car works is never fully explained, one would assume they are like super-intelligent robots, but according to some interviews, cars have organs inside their doors, which raises more questions than it solves.

Being totally honest, Lightning Mcqueen is not one of the most charismatic protagonists (at least in this film).

When your biggest hit as a movie is comic relief, you know there's a problem. A lot of the plot points happen because they have to, rather than happen naturally, and we think the love subplot between Lightning and Sally is a bit forced. In short, good for kids and selling toys, shallow.

1. A BUG'S LIFE (1998)

Lowest-grossing Pixar movies – Showbiz – WebMediums

A bug adventure, without a doubt. This film was the second production that the animation house made after having hit the nail on the head with Toy Story. Perhaps not one of PIXAR's greatest successes, but it cannot be considered a low-quality production by any standard.

The situation with “A bug's life” is complicated. In the technical aspect it is an A++ and a very strong blow on the table for the animation standards of that time. This is because the team of animators, when working on this project, felt the responsibility of surpassing what had already been achieved with Toy Story, so they pushed the technology available at that time to the limit and with a lot of effort and dedication they managed to insert a number of ants that was never thought possible to render in time for a tape like this.

A bug's life is undoubtedly some study material for any future animator, in addition to serving as a key piece in the history of technological advances, placing PIXAR as a pioneer and sponsor of many of these. However, it is no secret to anyone that it has been one of the films that has had the least resonance with the faithful PIXAR audience.

It is almost certain that despite the nature of this TOP, most of the films that are in lower positions are of greater relevance and acceptance than this film of bugs, so, without underestimating its technical feats, we must place it here as justice before her sisters.

We could debate for hours the reason why this film did not resonate with the audience of any age, part of them must be attributed to the precarious situation that the entertainment house was in at that time, very different from how we know it now.

The truth is that, as we have said before, PIXAR does not know how to make shoddy movies, but we can consider this as simply a wrong course taken by a young PIXAR before finding smash success.

And so our tortuous TOP ends. Remember that this is just a humble opinion that should be taken with a gram of salt. We invite you to tell us which position you would change or which movie you would add. How would you change this TOP?