MAMA 2019 will be held in Japan: controversy is generated due to tension between South Korea and that country

Cristian García
2 min read

The Mnet Asian Music Awards are considered the most important awards in Asia. In this way, it was recently announced that the event would be held at the Nagoya Dome in Japan, taking a new step in the expansion of the MAMA. Even so, not everything has been good news, since all this would have generated great controversy due to the great tension between the two countries.

MAMA 2019 will be held in Japan: controversy is generated due to tension between South Korea and...

Japan and South Korea have been experiencing extremely tense moments due to the various measures taken by the trade war between the two nations. In this way, the MAMA 2019 would be generating a huge controversy due to all these conflicts that exist between both countries, which would be supplying hundreds of thousands of comments on social networks and the press.

Internet users react to announcement that MAMA 2019 will be held in Japan

Netizens or Internet users from Asian countries have commented on this announcement, which has been a great annoyance on their part. In this way, many people have called the organizers of the MAMA 2019 traitors and supporters of a regime that would go against the values of the citizens of South Korea:

Netizen 1: This is not just a concert. It is an awards ceremony for the artists of our country... And do you decide to do it abroad? And also in Japan?... Don't they have pride? Netizen 2: Traitors... Putting your own country aside for the money. Netizen 3: This is how money ruins a country.

All this would be generating great tension in the world of K-pop, due to the strong scandals between Japan and South Korea. Therefore, it is likely that many K-pop artists will stop performing at MAMA 2019 to support their country of birth, which would create even more problems between both nations.