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Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez and “CL” the K-pop Idol get together in “La Familia Peluche”

Luis Rafael
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An amazing hybrid for Latino K-pop fans. South Korean singer and rapper Lee Chaerin or “CL” met with Mexican film actor Eugenio Derbez and shared a photo as a sign of their new companionship.

The response of the fans prompted the famous comedian Derbez to also publish an altered image, where he is with rapper CL as his accomplice for the series "La Familia Peluche", in the image you can see both very happy and smiling quite together.

Since when did CL and Eugenio Derbez meet?

Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez and “CL” the K-pop Idol get together in “La Familia Peluche”
Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez and “CL” the K-pop Idol get together in “La Familia Peluche”

The collaboration between these two characters began on November 13, with the smiling photographs spread by CL and Eugenio Derbez on their Instagram profiles. The location and rationale for their meeting are still unclear.

This has left a lot to think about, the fans of both followers are speculating that surely they both have a project together in mind, that despite the image that the actor edited, there is a possibility that if he appears in "La Familia Peluche" or have something on their hands.

Currently, the famous South Korean singer is in Los Angeles fulfilling her melodic responsibilities.

Since, he is meeting meetings for the last arrangements of his next album that will be released soon, he is still putting the finishing touches on it.

On November 6, CL was one of the artists at the Head in the clouds' celebration, where she performed her hits "Hello b ** ches", "Lifted" and songs from her most recent ALPHA collection. Her performance was a success, acclaimed by many artists, and received many rewards.

The selfie they took caused a great impact on the networks

The selfies of the K-pop star and the protagonist of “Latin Lover” immediately became an online sensation among Korean pop fans, because it was something that no one expected, and they had not mentioned that they were going to meet previously…

CL is a valued figure for her artistic career as a singer. Before he developed his solo career and solo performer, he had a place in the well-known K-pop band “2NE1”.

According to the responses on the networks, Eugenio Derbez spread this tweet to an altered image of the series known in Mexico and some Latin American nations.

Then he added in his post: "Cluche or PLuche?", Asking his followers this question in reference to the famous artist from South Korea, whose outfit seems to fit the particular ensembles of this Mexican comedy series.

Although Latino K-pop fans understood the joke impeccably, other customers were confused and thought he planned to impersonate the main character of: Federica Peluche, played by actress “Consuelo Duval”.

"It is an image, the fans made that alteration", "Do not be angry, CL wears a lot of stuffed garments and that is the reason why this image was made," they clarified in the comments.