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MONSTA X: The first song with which the boyband had their debut on the Korean stage

Luis Rafael
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MONSTA X is a well known K-pop band that has been very successful after their debut in 2015, they have made a big impact for their energetic songs and choreography.

Their beginnings came after "No.Mercy", at that time they began to captivate all their fans with their songs.

However, it is not clear what was the first song with which the band really debuted and many people have asked that question.

Since, it has been a long time since the beginning of the band and from the beginning they started releasing several songs that were a success from the beginning.

What was the first song MONSTA X debuted with?

It should be noted that the beginnings of a band are not easy at all and MONSTA's was no exception, the band had to go through many things to reach the top. The problems of this incredible band started before their first beginnings as a K-pop boyband.

MONSTA X: The first song with which the boyband had their debut on the Korean stage
What was the first song MONSTA X debuted with?

They gained fame and were known primarily through their performance as No.Mercy contestants.

In this presentation they had to face many challenges and had to make a great effort in their choreography while singing to captivate the judges.

Then they began to be one of the first artists to train in the MX lines and began to release their first songs.

The first single they released had the special participation of each of the artists allowing them to give a unique touch of all of them, the song is called "Trespass"

They really excelled in their presentation in the contest and managed to sweep the public and the judges of the event, thanks to this they managed to position themselves as one of the K-pop bands that would come out at the time. It was after that show that they debuted for the first time as the boyband MONSTA X.

Who are MONSTA X?

This boyband is made up of seven individuals: Shownu, Min Hyuk, Won Ho, Ki Hyun, Hyung Won, Joo Heon, and IM, who have a place in Starship Entertainment. Their melodies are found in Hip-Hop and R&B styles of music and are written for the most part in Korean.

The reunion is actually part of the unscripted television drama “NO.MERCY,” created in Korea by Starship Entertainment and Mnet. The elements consisted of shaping a gathering made up of children who could become the next big hit with the crowd.

What they can be sure of is that their skill will cross borders and reach the ears of the world's public.

We are all aware that BTS is quite possibly the most notable group in the entire world. However, beyond that, K-Pop brings together countless specialists, including MONSTA X, a meeting that has managed to enchant global crowds.

Monsta X has become one of the current heads of K-Pop and there is no doubt about it. The large number of fans who help them and the achievement that reaches the world position them as such.

MONSTA X: The first song with which the boyband had their debut on the Korean stage
MONSTA X: the first song with which the boyband had their debut on the Korean stage

MONSTA X's theme Trespass prompted them to perform on various shows

The song Trespass by the band MONSTA X was the first song made by the band with the production of MX, it was the beginning of their small album that they made in 2015. It should be mentioned that, thanks to this wonderful song they were able to continue increasing their influences.

Since, this was the beginning of what would be many meetings and other talent programs that would serve as an excellent marketing tool for the band to officially enter the world of K-pop music, the band members proved to be very talented.

Then they began to channel all their effort because each of the members of the band had the dream of succeeding onboard, and they knew they had everything it took to achieve it.

Then they began to perform their songs with the help of MX and progressed in their career as a K-pop band. The last talent show the band had been on “M! Comedown”, marked a before and after in his career.

It was a great help to officially start their career. The song they performed on stage was inspired by hip-hop and made a big impact on stage.

The members of MONSTA X affirm that this event was the one that marked a before and after in their artistic career and thanks to that occasion it is that today it has global success. After that presentation, they signed a contract with the label and did not appear again in talent shows.

What was the boyband's first album?

Bands usually release an album, but in the case of MONSTA X they decided to release a mini album, which was called "Trespass". It was delivered on May 14, 2015, the year in which the gathering was ready to start visiting different parts of the country.

Such has been the achievement of that album that they have managed to reach the top of different charts across the nation. In any case, not everything stops there! They have also managed to enter the iTunes charts in the United States.

This small album was the one that positioned the artists in the music industry, since they compiled perfectly produced little songs, the best voices and excellent music videos that they managed to dominate on social networks and won the support of the followers.

What has been MONSTA X's the most successful song?

Not all bands manage to get the first hits at the beginning, the highest point of a band can be reached even after 2 years. MONSTA X had their first worldwide hit in mid-2017, exactly two years after their debut as a K-pop band.

The name of the famous song that traveled the world is "Dramarama", this song to date is the most listened to of their repertoires. It is part of his album "The Code", which was released earlier that year.