"My Universe", the first collaboration of Coldplay and BTS

Fermín Gómez
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South Korean k-pop band BTS has done a joint work with British rock band Coldplay . This phenomenal song is called "My Universe".

Six days after the official release of the song "My Universe", the respective video clip was released through Coldplay's official YouTube channel , on Thursday, September 30, 2021.

Almost a million people were live at the time of its launch. Thousands of fans, completely excited, flooded the available chat with messages and emoticons.

Dave Meyers was the director of the video. It is set in space and begins with a very emotional presentation: "Once upon a time, many years ago ... music was forbidden on all planets. Three bands on three different planets meet via hologram to play music against of the veto ".

In the images of the video clip you can see scenes typical of a science fiction movie, since aliens and robots are shown together with the members of both popular groups.

"My Universe", the first collaboration of Coldplay and BTS – Showbiz

The song has a hopeful message about love. Feeling that overcomes all barriers.

It was composed jointly by both groups, in the Korean and English languages.

It was produced by Max Martin , who is considered a creator of musical successes worldwide.

The song "My Universe" will be part of Coldplay's ninth album, titled "Music of the Spheres". The date set for its official launch is October 15 this year.

A few days ago, BTS accompanied Coldplay virtually to show a performance of "My Universe " that took place during the "Global Citizen Live" music program.

The rumors started in April

Recall that there was gossip and rumors that the British group Coldplay had been seen in South Korea in April.

Immediately, the news spread among fans of both bands. Social networks were flooded with messages about a possible collaboration with a K-pop group or singer.

That caused great excitement among fans of both musical genres.

It all started when a netizen published on one of his social networks that Chris Martin , the main vocalist of Coldplay, had arrived in South Korea .

That fan apparently worked in the quarantine support force at Incheon Airport. He informed the public that the singer had entered a self-quarantine.

Obviously the news spread like wildfire. Speculation immediately began about the reason for Chris Martin's visit to South Korea .

The speculations developed in the sense of a collaboration between Coldplay and the popular group BTS .

Other fans suggested that it could be a collaboration with singer Younha , as in January 2021, she posted a photo with Chris Martin .

Finally, the secret was revealed, and it was announced that Coldplay and BTS would present a song made by both groups. Hopefully it will be the beginning of more collaborative works.