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Samsung's 'Over the Horizon': BTS Band's Suga Remastered This Classic Ringtone

Luis Rafael
3 min read

Suga has done many of BTS's songs, and has also created and composed two independent collections, however, his energy for music knows no limits and he currently seeks to communicate his thoughts through the Samsung ringtone.

In case you don't have the slightest idea about the group BTS, which seems unthinkable nowadays, you might believe that this ringtone remastering is just a form of promotion.

Be that as it may, Min Yoon Gi, better known by his nickname Suga or Agust D when performing solo, is probably the biggest creator in the K-Pop industry, not just for being a BTS individual and composing / creating a large number. of the group's melodies, but their energy for music knows no limits.

Suga has made two independent collections, created tunes for other notable South Korean specialists, and is currently proving his prowess by setting out to make his own adaptation of the Samsung brand 'Into the great beyond ' ringtone.

Samsung's 'Over the Horizon': BTS Band's Suga Remastered This Classic Ringtone

BTS's Suga's touch was perfect to achieve the perfect remastering of the 'Over The Horizon' tone

The Korean organization has expressed that the BTS part of the group was the perfect individual to make this new form, and has highlighted their experience and skill. This new theme includes a part of the characteristic components of Suga's music, for example, violin and percussion sounds and some expressions with his characteristic voice.

Suga himself has expressed that from a very young age he had needed to make an instrumental melody and that in this opportunity that Samsung gave him he put all his efforts as a creator so that the result was all the good that could be expected.

Assuming you need to contrast the melody and its 2020 variant boosted naturally, here is the video. In this way, you will like the great contrasts, the styles and, above all, the feelings that Yoongi tries to inspire with the mixture of songs and instruments.

Also, lately the group BTS has made a video for a limited time for the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 using their hit melody Butter. It seems that people are very excited about Samsung and needed to fully commit to the brand, beyond a simple business partnership.

While you can download the YouTube video to MP3 and set it as a ringtone, Samsung has stated that Suga's ringtone will be accessible on all Galaxy gadgets through a future update and that all new phones from the brand will include this song. as the default ringtone.

Other creations of Suga

For lovers of rap and trap, Suga released this single, 'Daechwita', last year:

Again, Suga stands out as an extraordinary rapper, though we also have increasingly slow nostalgic songs like BTS's 'Let Me Know'.

Suga was certainly not misguided when he said he was too old to think about being left alone in the K-Pop industry. Also, what do you think of the new 'Into the great beyond', would you put it as a ringtone?