Second MixTape, Collaborations and Secrets of RM

Fermín Gómez
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RM published its second mixtape entitled Mono at the end of October 2018, occupying the first place on the list of emerging artists in the United States.

Reaching the 26th position of the Billboard 200 list, in this way managed to be the best-ranked South Korean soloist in the ranking.

RM replace beaka in the interpretation of the topic crying over you, and next to the singer Bibi Zhou included in The version for China.

The topic person was launched by Big Hit along with a promotional trailer for the next studio album of BTS: Map of the Soul that includes the Simple interpreted by RM alone.

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Complementary activities

By March 2015 the tvn promoted problematic men, your next variety talk show where RM was presented as one of the members of the panel.

In this show, RM accompanied by Jun Hyun Moo, Ha Seok Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Jang Won and Tyler Rasch argue about social issues with the guests.RM is the image of the coffee brand k'Hawah.

The history of life written by the artist was presented in the publication of the named books Hiphophada.

So they also included it on the list of: “The ten rappers whose stories thought that their readers would visit” Elaborated by the Hip Hop Magazine XXL.

The writer Peter A. Berry made a comparison between RM with pitbull and Florida for those vibes of Pop, and describe the young man as a skillful rapper, able to change the current effortlessly.

Curiosities and secrets of RM

Its favorite color is black, which has been mentioned in several interviews.

Its real fanatics know that RM is very unwrapped and extroverted when it is on stage, but in life outside the reflectors it is very shy, especially with the girls. Which do not get tired of besieging him every time they see him in the streets.

RM He has confessed that one of his main musical inspirations is the rapper Kanye West.

As for your best friends within BTS, the closest are jin and suga.

Of all the members of your group, which best dominates the English language is rm. This is because she studied several years in New Zealand.

However, he himself attributes that idiomatic domain to frequently listen to the series “Friends”, which has contributed enormously to a pronunciation adequate.

On the latest production that will be released shortly, he counted some details for all fans that make up the Band Army.

Through a well-known platform of Internet, it revealed very curious details such as those in charge of the vocal line are forced to spend hours of hours in the recording studio, while those responsible for the line of Rap can record at any time.

These differences are due to the particularities of their contributions to the different topics that make up the next premiere of the popular Band BTS.

It should be remembered that the vocal line is made up of Jungkook, V, Jin and Jimin; While the rap line is integrated J-Hope, Suga and RM.