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SEVENTEEN: Seungkwan's artistic career

Fermín Gómez
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Every band or musical group offers something unique and special. In the case of groups of the K-pop genre, they are no exception.

Throughout their career, they have focused on being not only the exponents of a genre but of Korean culture in general.

And it is that the individual and multifaceted skills of its members, make these groups a great example of perseverance and dedication.

SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan is one of the members who has received various accolades for his great work.

Know in the following article, the details of this artist that make him unique. As well as the way in which it has contributed to the consolidation of the band.

Personal information

The artist known as Seungkwan, goes by the given name Boo Seung Kwan. He is a South Korean artist born in 1998 during the month of January, in Jeju Island.

It has been registered with 175 cm in height. His family is made up of his parents and a couple of older sisters.

He began his academic studies at Donggwang Elementary School. Then for the high school grade he studied at Jeju Jeil Middle School, from where he transferred to Daemyeong Middle School. He later finished his university studies at Seoul Broadcasting High School.

He is currently part of the SEVENTEEN project on the Pledis Entertainment label. He works as a composer, model, dancer, and singer.

You know him in the art world as Boonon, DJ Boo, Mr. Mic and MC Boo.

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Seungkwan's participation in TV shows

Seungkwan has performed not only in a group but also individually on the small screen.

Thanks to her height and slim figure, she has a physique that is highly attractive to the opposite sex.

Individual participation

Individually, Seungkwan performed on Duet Song Festival episode 11 and MBC's The Capsbles One in 2016.

For SBD, he appeared on the show Master Key on episode 9 and on JTBC's Night Goblin, both in 2017.

By 2018, she was on Mnet channel's Not The Same Person You Used To Know and on MBC's Unexpected Q. Seungkwan, was a part of King of Mask Singer in chapters 135 and 136.

In 2019, he was a part of the Mnet channel's UHSN. Also, he was a part of tvN's Mafia Game in Prison that same year.

He also performed for JTBC on the Five Cranky Brothers show in 2020.

In 2021, Seungkwan appeared on Channel S broadcaster's Job Real Estate program and on TVING's Idol Dictation Contest.

Group participation

As a group, Seungkwan's first appearance was for Hello Counselor in episode 302, led by Jeong Han in 2016.

In 2018, he participated in episode 546 of Happy Together and in episode 78 of Battle Trip, both of KBS, he was with Mingyu and in Hello Counselor he was accompanied by Hoshi.

For 2019, she was part of KBD's Hello Counselor , with S. Coups. For SBS's Player 7, he was featured alongside Wonwoo, Dino, DK, S. Coups, and Hoshi.

The same year, alongside Mingyu, Seungkwan was a part of Running Man episode 448 for SBS as well as MBC's The Manager.

During 2020, along with Dino, Vernon, DK, Jun, Hoshi, and Joshua, he participated in KBS2's Idols Above Quizzes. On MBV's Where is my Home, he was a guest alongside Jeong Han.

He also appeared on Amazing Saturday, Do Re Mi Market for tvN with Woozi.

In the company of Jeonghan, Dino, DK, S. Coups, and Jun, he was part of tvN's Player 7 and for JTBC on the Carefree Kickers show with DK, S. Coups, Hoshi, and Jeonghan that same year.

Radio shows Seungkwan has attended

Now, Seungkwan has also participated in the radio with his peers.

In 2015, she attended the KBS radio show Sukira Kiss The Radio in the company of DK. Since then they have been frequent guests on the show.

Already in 2020 he returns to KBS for the Cool FM Gayo Plaza Radio program, this time with Vernon and Dino.

That same year he appeared alongside Joshua on Boom Boom Power and on Choi Hwa Jeong Time Power SBS Power FM with Dino and Jun, both shows on SBS.

Music videos

Seungkwan has participated in only one video clip and it was for My Copycat's track "Orange Caramelo " in 2014.

Seungkwan's participation in songwriting

Like a group of his peers, he has devoted himself to songwriting for SEVENTEEN.

During 2016: Adore U, along with DK, S. Coups, Woozi, Vernon and Bumzu.

Also, he released Drift Away with Mingyu, Woozi, Hoshi and DK. The same year they concluded Say Yeah with Kiggen, Woozi and DK.

The song Still Lonely featured Vernon, Wonwoo, Hoshi, and Woozi. Like Pretty U, which was composed in conjunction with Woozi, Bumzu, Vernon, and S.Coups.

A year later, in 2017, Seungkwan collaborated on songs like Campfire, Floer, and CLAP with Vernon, Woozi, Dino, The8, Bumzu, Jeonghan, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and S. Coups.

By 2020, they released 3 songs. The first, All My Love, produced in the company of Bunzu, Vernon and Woozi. In the second song titled Do Re Mi, he joins the previous group, Dino. The third theme Home: run was composed with the participation of the same members of the first theme.

Interesting Facts About Seungkwan

In 2018, Seungkwan was nominated and declared the winner of the MBC Entertainment Awards for the New Star Award.

He's a fan of burgers.

Seungkwan is part of the group's vocal subdivision. He is a vocalist, dancer and the Maknae of the group. His training lasted 3 years and 2 months.

He handles the English and Mandarin languages at a basic level, in addition to speaking Korean fluently, obviously.

His musical model is Xiah Junsu.

He was contacted directly by Pledis Entertainment after managers saw a video of him singing Big Mama's "Date " during a competition. He was the third member of the group to be announced.

This has been a brief summary of the journey of what Seungkwan has done during his tenure in the group.

He is one of the most complete and recognized artists of the band. In addition to having a great appearance and breaking a lot of female hearts.