Seventeen's DK Biography

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It's not a secret to anyone k-pop has stepped on the musical sand in recent years. A lot of that is due to the originality of his lyrics, to the ability of artists to take his message and present incredibly coordinated choreographies of the rhythm of the song.

Besides, their success is due to the integration of artists and their talent. In all k-pop groups, we see how they collabs with each other to create their own choreography, themes, and in many cases, they are themselves who place the arrangements to form these works full of awards.

In this opportunity, we'll discuss the talent of DK, and how he manage to get recognition one he joined the k-pop boy band Seventeen. Also we'll give you some curiosities and information about his participation with the media.

Information about DK.

His name is Lee Seok Min. He was born on February 18, 1997 and is known in the middle as DK.

He have also received other nicknames such as Happy Virus, MC Soul, MR. There, Dokyeom and Smile Man.

His primary studies received them at the Sin RI Elementary School, his high school studies began at the Shinbong High School, but he completed them in the Hongcheon Middle School

Further ahead of your professional studies at the School of Performing Arts Seoul.

He is one of the singers, composer dancers and MC of the group.

Born in Mapo-Gu, DK has your parents and your older sister. He measures about 179 cm, the blood type of him is or Rh + and currently belongs to the project Seventeen of Foldis Entertainment.

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DK in the theater

Like few members, he is a great actor.

His talent has led him to be part of presentations at a platform during 2019. In this particular case for the theatrical work "Xcalibur" In which he played the role of King Arthur.

TV programs

Likewise, its staging has been quite valued, so it has participated in different programs from 2016 to 2020.

His first appearance was in episodes 69 and 70 of King of Mask Singer transmitted by MBC.

By the same company was presented in 2018 for the Weekly Idol program next to his band Mingyu in episode 336.

A year later, it was presented at Player 7, issued by TVN, this time was presented in the company of Dino, S. Coups, Seungkwan and Won Woo.

Already in the 2020 he had several participations. In Carefree Kickers of JTBC with your colleagues Hoshi, Dino, Jeonghan and Seungkwan. Likewise, for KBS he was presented in the Stars Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant program.

Finally, it was presented at the Idols Above Perhaps by the hand of Vernon, Jun, Hoshi, The8, Dino and Joshua, transmitted by the KBS2 channel.

Radio programs

DK has not only shown his talent in a platform, theater and on television but also on the radio. Since 2015 he has been a regular guest of the SUKIRA KISS The Radio accompanied by Seungkwan of the KBS station.

For its part, by 2020, for SBS participated together with The8, Jun and Mingyu in Lee Joon's YoungStreet Radio.

Undoubtedly, the group has moved strongly by the various means, in which thanks to its charisma and energy have filled the transmission of joy.

Music videos in which DK has participated

As expected, his talent has led him to be part of audiovisual videos of other artists.

This is how it participated in the topic video "My Copycat" of Orange Caramel in 2014.

Collaborations with other artists

Just as DK has lent his talent for the realization of the video of other artists, he has also collaborated with others in the interpretation of his themes.

In this sense, its participation in the topic & quot is highlighted;17"of the artist Pink Sweat $.

Some curiosities about DK

This artist belongs to the vocal subdivision of the group. She has stood out as the main vocalist and leader of Seventeen.

In addition, he has demonstrated his talent as a dancer to be part of the great choreographies that the team shows.

Its favorite color is black and only dominates its mother tongue that is the Korean.

His musical inspiration is Moon, Yung Jin, do Hyun and Super Junior.

It was one of the members to which it was easier for him to be coupled to the group.

The real reason or what driven DK to be a singer was the possibility that music has to transmit emotions. In this sense, in several interviews she has revealed that she tries to bring intense emotions to the public.

The artist was operated in an ear.

DK He made a cover of the theme The Little Prince of Ryeowook In the company of Seung Kwan. Likewise, she participated in the KBS Song Festival along with other groupmates and artists from other groups as Junkook, Bambam, Jihyo, among others.

Surely you can not miss the upcoming progress of the musical career of DK.

Follow it in your official accounts of social networks so you are up to date with your new projects. Especially now that there has been a wave of participations with artists from other musical genres.