Shakira's controversial transparent shorts

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Shakira's controversial transparent shorts – Showbiz – WebMediums

The well-known singer-songwriter and record producer Shakira was caught on the beaches of Barcelona enjoying an afternoon of relaxation. During her visit, the singer looked very fresh and happy.

She is wearing a bikini and a peculiar fishnet shorts that caused sighs and controversy among her followers. Some said that it was very striking because under it, you could see the tiny piece that the singer was wearing under it.

Shakira's controversial transparent shorts – Showbiz – WebMediums

Some followers of Shakira wondered where they could get to buy it and others on the contrary said that the singer dressed in a disheveled way.

Furthermore, they not only took on the task of criticizing her costume, but they also whipped the singer all over her body. Comments like she is very fat, she wears what fits her, her body no longer has a shape ; were some of those who were part of the many that were written.

Although it is true that the singer has already said repeatedly that she cares very little about the bad comments made about her, and that they do not affect her life or her self-esteem.

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El polémico short transparente de Shakira
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