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Some secrets of the Seventeen group

Fermín Gómez
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The k-pop group Seventeen is one of the most important representatives of the genre. Being a boyband they have come to capture the hearts of many women, young people and girls who are fans of this musical style.

The following lines are intended to show some secrets of the Seventeen group.

They are very dynamic boys, full of energy, who seek not only to make music, but to take their message to the whole world. It is a message of union, acceptance and that with discipline, ideas can become reality.

This award-winning team has participated in countless collaborations and has reached many places with just their music. They are part of the PLEDIS Entertaiment project and this time curiosities and some secrets of the Seventeen group that surely you did not know will be shown.

What is Seventeen's debut song?

The first album released by Seventeen was 17 Geez. In it is the promotional theme " Adore U ". S. Coups, Woozi was in charge of writing the song, while Bumzu stood out for the production of the single.

This topic was very receptive. So much so that a few weeks after it was published, it sold approximately 40 million copies. It can be said that she became a fan favorite.

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What is the name of the first Seventeen unit?

BooSeokSoon, is the name given to this unit. This was a trio consisting of DK, Seungkwan, and Hoshi. The trio became known for the single " Just Do It " in 2018. However, since then the group has not released new singles.

What does Carat mean to Seventeen?

Carat is the name given to the Seventeen fan group. " Carat " means carat. This term was chosen by the group, since for them, their fans are very important and the more they grow, the more value they have.

So much so, that Seventeen on the occasion of their anniversary, particularly Woozi, dedicated a song to them to celebrate it.

How was the debut of the band?

Well, it was done in three parts, the first took place in South Korea, with the single " Adore U ". Later, in China where the launch of 17 Hits was promoted. And the last one was in Japan with the theme " Call, Call, Call ".

What does ETC mean?

The ETC followings represent a special section within the group's official YouTube channel. Here, among other things, he shows "behind the scenes" of any event or filming of the group.

When you see the title of the post begin with ETC, get ready to dive into the preparations for the special events.

Family and Seventeen

" Family " is the word that most female followers use to define the group. This is in response to what the members show.

They not only consider themselves a group, they are a family, and it is easy to perceive this when you see the true friendship that exists between the members when helping each other and giving each other the support they need.

What is Going Seventeen?

Nothing more and nothing less than a variety show that the group Seventeen has. And it began as a single behind the scenes and has now become a true variety show.

On the other hand, Going Seventeen, is also the name of the third mini album of the k-pop group. Launched in 2016 it was dubbed the "boom boom".

Hip-Hop part of the team

This is made up of S. Coups, Vernon, Mingyu and Woonwo. They are in charge of the Carat listening to the most intriguing rap lyrics.

Seventeen in Japan

K-pop group Seventeen is very popular in this region. So much so, that at least 6 of the group's albums reached 100,000 sales. Likewise, the songs " 24h", "Call Call Call", "Falling Flower" and "Happy Ending" finished consolidating their music in this country.

Contact with fans

Thanks to the effects of the pandemic, many people have been greatly affected, for that reason Seventeen managed to do more than songs. During 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, the members released an album, which came with a knitting kit as a gift.

This was done with the intention of helping her fans drain their feelings through the art of weaving, as well as listening to good music, of course.

The return of Seventeen

For 2020, the group Seventeen released a new album Heng-garae, a single titled " Left & Right ". So much has been the boom it had on the YouTube platform that it has been used for challenges carried out by followers and other idols.

Nationality of the members

This group has a strong South Korean influence, as S. Coups, Seungkwan, Jeonghan, DK, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Dino, Woozi, and Mingyu were born in the eastern country. On the other hand, it has Americans such as Vernon and Joshua, and two members of Chinese nationality such as The 8 and Jun.

Ode to you

It is the name that received the second international tour that the k-pop group made. Started in 2019 in Asia, it spread to the United States and Mexico.

The dance group and staging

As part of the three subgroups that Seventeen is divided into is performance. This is made up of Dino, Jun, The 8 and Hoshi who are in charge of capturing the most dynamic and joyful choreographies that they usually show in videos and presentations.

"Q & A"

It is the name given to the collaboration that 3 members of Seventeen made with the Thai Ailee. The group's collaborators were Woozi, Vernon, and S. Coups. The launch took place during the year 2015.

Contract renewed

Through social networks, PLEDIS Entertainment, the label in charge of producing Seventeen, reported that 13 of the members had signed a contract with them again in July 2021. This news has fallen very well to their fans, since it has been done reality the continuation of their presentations.

These have been some secrets of the group Seventeen that many fans did not know. These singers have left a deep mark on the hearts of their loyal fans.

Do not forget to follow the group through their official networks that will surely have many surprises and music for their Carat. Especially in the expectation of new participations with people from other musical genres, which has been taking shape in recent months.