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SUPER JUNIOR in Peru: fans ask for more SS8 shows

Luis Rafael
3 min read

Shortly after the pre-sale of the SUPER JUNIOR show began in theaters in Peru, sold-out tickets were counted and ELF took control of social networks, since millions of followers had been left without a ticket to the next show.

The SUPER JUNIOR show throughout all Peruvian cinemas began its pre-sale effectively. The “SUPER SHOW 8” was SUJU's last global visit before the stoppage of musical activities due to COVID-19, which even had plans to go to Peru.

In case you are ELF, here are the most recent news about the appearance of the famous K-pop band to the Peruvian nation through all the cinemas of Cinépolis so that you do not miss one of the most important shows of SUJU "SUPER SHOW 8".

Official statement of SS8 in Peru

The new information about the presentation of SUPER SHOW 8 in Peruvian entertainment centers was released through the Cinépolis web foundation and shocked the devotees of the 'Lords of Hallyu'.

SUPER JUNIOR in Peru: fans ask for more SS8 shows – Showbiz – WebMediums
SUPER JUNIOR in Peru: fans ask for more SS8 shows

Those who have recently lauded its commemoration, as they eagerly awaited an affirmation of the authority of the chain of cinemas in their informal communities. So that in this way they could publish the event for the enjoyment of all "Hallyu" followers.

As the hours passed, Cinépolis reported with authority the start of the SUPER SHOW 8 pre-sale in theaters in Peru. However, at that time the vast majority of theaters were sold out hours before.

It is worth mentioning that this has been the musical event that has sold the most tickets at Cinépolis de Peru in its history, the highest grossing event of the year in the entire nation. However, this is no coincidence, since the Peruvian community has been loyal to ELF since the beginning of the band.

ELF places a gigantic order

Although there was no statement of authority from Cinépolis in the prime hours of the pre-sale, ELF in Peru quickly sold out a large part of theaters across the country. The moment this happened ELF started complaining on social media and demanding tickets.

So the chain of entertainment centers had to add additional screenings as the interest of SUPER JUNIOR fans increased, obviously the band's label was in charge of authorizing this action.

Because accessible screenings were initially at 4:00 pm, Cinépolis changed its schedule for ELF, being at 8:00 pm and also at 8:30 pm in Plaza Norte and Santa Anita. At press time, tickets for both additional functions were sold out.

SUPER SHOW 8 tickets are already sold out again

At the time that the Cinépolis staff returned to perform new functions in special rooms for ELF, these did not last even 12 hours when they had already sold out again, however, SUJU affirmed that no more pre-sales will be made for the SS8….