Thalia Olvino is crowned Miss Venezuela 2019 in a contest full of controversies

Cristian García
3 min read

Yesterday the famous Miss Venezuela 2019 beauty contest was held, one of the most anticipated programs throughout Venezuela and the world of beauty. In this way, Thalia Olvino, Miss Delta Amacuro, was crowned as the new Miss Venezuela, through a gala that moved away from all kinds of luxuries and traditions.

Thalia Olvino is crowned Miss Venezuela 2019 in a contest full of controversies

The reality is that this Miss Venezuela contest sought to renew itself and go for something more modest and away from stereotypes. In this way, it was held in a television studio, leaving aside the famous celebration in what would become the Poliedro de Caracas, one of the largest and most sumptuous venues in all of Venezuela.

This new beauty pageant was filled with many controversies, after it was mentioned that Isabella Rodríguez, elected Miss Venezuela 2018, will not participate in the Miss Universe 2019 pageant, but that it would be Thalia Olvino. All this generated great commotion in that country, because it is the first time that this decision has been made before this famous beauty contest.

Even so, Rodríguez would participate in the 69th edition of Miss World, which is why she would still retain great relevance worldwide before said beauty pageant. In any case, the controversies have followed this event despite the fact that the organizers of the event have wanted to appease the opinions before all kinds of decisions.

Miss Venezuela 2019 tried to adapt to new beauty models that seek to stop stereotyping the perfect woman model. Thus, this time the measurements of each of the contestants in this contest were not announced.

Miss Venezuela 2019 was full of controversy

The entire Miss Venezuela 2019 passed after various controversies were generated after the greeting of Osmel Sousa of the contest and for some other alleged leaks about what was hidden behind the cameras in this famous beauty contest.

In this way, this entire celebration sought to leave behind all kinds of controversies after the alleged rumors that the contestants had sexual relations with important figures of the Venezuelan government. All this dismayed the country and generated considerable uncertainty whether all this information was really true.

For all this, this Miss Venezuela 2019 was loaded with a lot of tension and an attempt by its new organizers to reduce all kinds of controversies and bring again a quite peaceful atmosphere among the spectators of said gala.