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The boyband BTS prepares a collaboration with Camilo for his new album

Luis Rafael
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The boyband BTS prepares a collaboration with Camilo for his new album
The boyband BTS prepares a collaboration with Camilo for his new album

The K-pop group has gone to great lengths to produce new collaborations that have been part of iconic studio albums.

The members of ARMY have warned about a new collaboration between Camilo and BTS through their official "fanpages", the news has managed to impact more than 100 million fans.

The South Korean septet is gearing up for the release of a new anthology album that will mark their return to music production. Since the announcement of the EP, the expectations for its new content have increased drastically, because of that, Bangtan has decided to opt for guest artists on their albums.

A couple of days ago, the Colombian Camilo made a statement through his official Instagram account to make a promotional announcement.

In the publication, the 7 members of BTS were tagged in an image that will promote the opening theme of their album, from that moment ARMY began to make their theories.

BTS and Camilo will work together on a new promotional single

Fans of both parties are waiting for the new project that they will be sharing through digital platforms. Camilo managed to surprise all his Instagram followers after posting a video of BTS dancing to his new song "Pegao". In the video clip 'Jimin' and 'Jungkook' can be seen dancing to the Latin rhythm.

However, the video was a fan-edited production, since the stage where Bangtan appears corresponds to the interview "The tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon", in 2021. However, the BTS artists came to see the video clip and told them It seemed quite entertaining and funny.

The singer-songwriter of 'Scissorhands' responded to a comment from a 'Tribe' participant, where she asked about her long-awaited performance with BTS.

Camilo responded to the comment by stating that "The next collaboration with BTS is just around the corner and it will be a success," he also stated that he wants to see both fandoms together.

The new theme of 'BTS X Camilo' will be produced under the label Big Hit Music

It is important to mention that, so far, the South Korean agency ' Big Hit Music' has not expressed itself on its social networks and has not confirmed the featuring. Camilo and BTS are already managing their agendas for their meeting, where they will talk about their musical production with Big Hit Music.

ARMY has caused controversy via Twitter after the announcement of the possible collaboration between Asian artists and the Colombian. Much of the ARMY community is not very happy about the collaboration, so they have created a hashtag against the collaboration between both parties.

When will the collaboration be published?

The next promotional single between BTS and Camilo has not started production due to Bangtan's new schedule and preparations for their 9th anniversary since their debut. The septet stated that the development of the featuring will begin after the presentation of the 'Festa 2022' festival.

The new collaboration between Camilo and BTS will be available in mid-July on all music platforms.