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Weibo takes action against K-pop fan accounts

Fermín Gómez
5 min read

The company that provides the Weibo social network has taken action against K-pop fan accounts. Apparently there were 22 accounts that were limited with this measure. For many fans this measure is disrespectful.

Weibo is a Chinese microblogging site. Through which it is allowed to be updated with all the information or news from China at the time they are given.

Weibo is considered as the star platform of Sina, a Chinese company dedicated to technology.

This as expected has caused a lot of commotion in the networks, representing an arbitrary act to the functions that the social network must provide. Learn more about this in the following article and what were the reasons that led this company to make this controversial decision.

What is Weibo?

For those people who are not familiar with the terminology, it will explain a little what Weibo is and why it takes these measures.

In China, the type of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others, are not allowed for reasons of national security. In response to this, China has its own social networks that only work within that country.

Among them is Weibo, which provides a service similar to conventional Twitter. In it you can post information and receive information from important media in real time. It is the second most used social network in China.

Enabled in 2009, it works under the English and Chinese languages. It is one of the most used media in China to be informed of updates and news in many areas, such as fashion, music, news, etc.

In China there are three very prominent social networks. One is WeChat, which has been like Facebook's smart brother, since in addition to having instant messaging like WhatsApp, it offers a list of options for platforms as different as Instagram, Tinder, Uber, Amazon, among others.

Weibo is the second social network, specialized in micro publications. Complete this shortlist, Youku, specialized in storing and sharing videos.

Weibo takes action against K-pop fan accounts – Showbiz – WebMediums

Measure taken

Bearing in mind the social context under which Weibo works, it is normal for the government to want to exercise control of social networks.

For this reason, Weibo has decided to suspend 22 accounts, of fans of k-pop groups. A fan club account of Jin from the band BTS, which has 1.1 million subscribers, was suspended for 60 days.

Another 21 accounts associated with followers of EXO, GOT7 and Blackpink were limited for 30 days. Among other things, this measure is carried out at a time when this type of measure is considered an oppression of Chinese musical culture.

The above is not very favorable for the social enterprise. However, this decision is backed by the government, which leaves a minimum range of action for the affected people.

Reasons alleged by Weibo

The Chinese social network indicated that fans of the BTS group had raised funds, without permission from the social network, to personalize a message on a plane for Park Ji-Min on the occasion of his twenty-sixth anniversary of life.

Apparently in a few minutes he had raised about $ 150,000 and by the hour they had raised $ 360,000. This action was classified as illegal by the company.

Among other things, the singer's followers also planned to make certain publications in major newspapers on Jimin's birthday next October.

Given these intentions, Weibo manifested categorizing it as an "irrational" act on the part of the fans. Faced with this behavior, the company claims that it does not share this type of behavior and that it will do everything possible to avoid harassment of artists.

On the other hand, they indicate that these measures seek to maintain the order of social networks to avoid uproar. Although they receive full support from the Chinese government, actually the effect they have generated from the public is quite the opposite.

Measures taken by the Chinese government

This fact has prompted the Chinese government to take measures on the control of expenses on artists. This measure is mostly aimed at those minors who want to support their idols.

Access of minors to online video games has also been limited. The presence of men with feminine characteristics has even been prohibited in audiovisual programs because, according to the government, "they represent low moral values" that could affect the present and future behavior of young people.

Manifestations of idols

At the moment no member of the boyband or girlband of the k-pop genre has spoken out regarding these measures. Perhaps not to enter into a controversy with the government. However, these measures overwhelm the feelings and manifestations of the followers.

From a certain point of view, thinking about making such expenses could be something irrational, but the way in which it is controlled should not be to repress the desires of the people but by calling on the conscience of the people involved.

However, they are policies of the Asian giant, so little can be done to oppose these types of measures.