Why Jennie of Blackpink appears in the credits of “the squid game”?

Fermín Gómez
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The Squid Game series has reached great success worldwide. And for k-pop fans, it hasn't gone unnoticed that Jennie, member of the blackpink group, appears in the post credits.

A question began to circulate through social networks. Does the rapper acted as one of the 456 players in the series?

This detail went unnoticed for many foreign fans because his name was written in Hangul, wich use Korean characters instead of the Latin alphabet.

If you get to the end of the series and dominates the language, you will see the name of Jennie of blackpink right in the special thanks section.

How's Jennie's relationship with the squid game?

Some thought that the popular singer acted as part of the 456 players in green uniform, but their presence in the credits is due to another reason.

In fact, her mention is due to a single detail that Jennie gave to Jung Ho Yeon, who plays the Kang Sae-Byek (Player No.067) role.

She is one of Jennie's bestfriends. And thanks to this beautiful friendship, the singer had a beautiful gesture that involved all actors and the entire production of the original series of Netflix.

Subsequently, to her visit, Jung Ho Yeon uploaded a photograph next to Jennie to demonstrate how close they were.

That left the followers of the series completely surprised, since the presence of the artist was not expected in the set.

According to what happened, Jennie decided to visit the recording studio to congratulate her best friend in person.

That happened in the middle of 2020. Besides, Jennie sent a snack truck to the recording set as a sign of support for his great friend. Since this was the first leading role of her, because Jung Ho Yeon works habitually as a model.

The truck wore a huge poster as a message: “actors, production equipment, staff, all. Please, take good care of Saebyeok-Unnie”.

Because of this reason, the creators of “the squid game” decided to include the name of the interpreter of blackpink in the post credits.

Why Jennie of Blackpink appears in the credits of “the squid game”?

Besides, they gave her a green uniform and a miniature version of the doll that appears in chapter one as gratitude.

Although we consider that macabre doll is not something that we would like to have by our side at night in our bedroom.

Will there be a second season of “squid game”?

So far, neither Netflix nor its crew has talked about a second season. Obviously this hasn't left the fans of the South Korean series very happy.

But, jus like with other works, it's normal that Netflix delay in announcing the premiere of the following seasons. That generates expectation and is achieved a lot of more viewers for the following premieres.

Let's remember that the first season premiered on September 17 this year. From the first moment, this South Korean series of suspense and terror counted with a lot of followers.

Netflix's users were fascinated, so within a few days they began to demand the second season's release date.

And if we add the presence of an idol of the k-pop in the credits has been discovered, the expectation has skyrocketed much more.