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Woozi's journey in the band SEVENTEEN

Fermín Gómez
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Within the k-pop genre, there are successful groups like BTS, EXO, Blackpink, among many others that have managed to break through internationally. Taking Korean culture and that musical genre to every possible corner.

The band SEVENTEEN has also been known for being one of the great exponents of k-pop.

It is that the energy and the themes loaded with hope and positivism in the face of strong realities, effectively combat depression and anxiety.

This is due to the contribution that each member makes to each of the topics. In SEVENTEEN's case, Woozi's work has been highlighted. So we will talk about him this time.

Facts about Woozi

Named Lee Ji-Hoon, Woozi, he was born in November 1996.

He has excelled as a songwriter, dancer, and singer within the group SEVENTEEN. He attended his elementary studies at Suyong Elementary School and his secondary studies at Dongsuyoung Middle School.

Later, he completed his higher studies at the Hanlim Multi Art School.

Since joining Pledis Entertainment, new possibilities have opened up for him and he has been able to send an extraordinary message through writing his own songs.

Woozi's journey in the band SEVENTEEN – Showbiz – WebMediums

Woozi as a composer

For his amazing and outstanding work on songwriting, he has been awarded a personal code by the Korean Music Copyright Association.

Under the Pledis Entertainment label, he has composed more than 36 songs.

These works include those used by the group and themes such as NU'EST that have served for the premiere of other artists. This talent has manifested since long before he was part of the group SEVENTEEN.

But its full potential was not known, until the artists of the group decided to interpret their songs instead of those suggested by the composers who already had their label.

This was one of the details that catapulted the band, for that characteristic of composing their own songs. It is something very particular, since there are few k-pop groups that stand out for composing their own songs.

As a member and leader of SEVENTEEN's vocal subdivision, in addition to composing, he was in charge of arranging the songs. As well as the mastering of old songs, like the case of " You In My Imagination ".

Woozi as a dancer

Dancing ability is one of Woozi's innate abilities. And before this, it had been said that it would be part of SEVENTEEN's performance subdivision.

In fact, for the audiovisual of the song " Don't Wanna Cry ", Woozi does a solo in the contemporary dance style together before the first chorus.

Participation in TV Shows

In addition to dance and songwriting, Woozi has shown his talent in front of the small screen. And it is that he has participated in programs such as Sugarman on the JTBC network, this program had the participation of Raina, Bumzu and Lizzy, at the beginning of 2016.

Already in 2020 he returned as part of the Amazing Saturday and Do Re Mi Market programs of the tvN network in the company of Seungkwan. Capturing thousands of followers who were delighted with his charisma and energy.

Radio programs

Woozi has also reached the radio.

During 2015, he participated in Starry Night with Scoupsms on the MCB station. Likewise, he was part of the SBD program, Lee Guk Joo along with Hoshi and S. Coups.

By 2020, on the same SBS station, he participated in the Park Sohyun's Love Game Radio program, this time only in the company of Hoshi.

Music Videos in which he has participated

As is known, its performance and presence is very striking. This stands out especially in the music videos in which he has participated, which although there are not many, have left a deep mark on the general public.

Among them we can mention the video " Hellovenus " by Venus and in " NU'EST " by Face, both in 2012.

During 2014, he was part of the video " Orange Caramelo " from My Copycat.

Wozzi collaborations

This incredible artist has participated alone with other artists, and has also done it in the company of his groupmates. As it happened when with Vernon and S. Coups, he participated in the composition of the song " Q&A " by Ailee in 2015.

While in 2016 he participated in the consolidation of the song " Yosm " by Kanto.

Interesting Facts About Woozi

Wozzi plays guitar, drums, and piano.

As musical inspiration he has mentioned Bruno Mars and Chris Brown.

He speaks Korean as his native language and is fluent in English at a basic level.

Another important fact is that he played baseball while completing his high school studies.

His audition for the Pledis company was in 2011 at " PLEDIS The First Audition ".

He is the author of the IOI farewell song, as well as being responsible for consolidating the male version of the song “Bang de After School”.

These are some of the most relevant actions that Woozi has had while in the middle. With this great talent, it is hoped that over time his success will be consolidated in nominations and awards for his unique and special style.

In addition, it is very likely that it will continue to be part of other media and the composition of different themes for many artists of the genre.

Of course, without forgetting his participation as a member of one of the most listened to K-pop bands.

Do not forget to search for him through his official Instagram account, as well as that of the group, to always be up to date with his new projects.