YouTube changes rules after Badshah surpasses views from BTS's Boy With Luv

Cristian García
2 min read

YouTube recently hit an all-time high by having Badshah's Paagal music video amassed 75 million views on its opening day, surpassing BTS's previously achieved achievement with Boy With Luv. Even so, this has not been liked by the administrators of said website.

YouTube changes rules after Badshah surpasses views from BTS's Boy With Luv

The annoyance of the users and administrators of said platform occurred because the visits achieved by Badshah have corresponded mainly to advertisements placed in extremely popular videos. Therefore, the content of views would have illegally generated a historical record, which would imply the need to make changes to the YouTube platform.

YouTube Changes Viewing Rules Following Illegal Visits By Badshah's Paagal, Beating BTS's Record

The staff in charge of YouTube has already made a statement mentioning that, from now on, the registered visits will only be based on organic views, that is, those people who select a video directly from the platform and not see it through any type of ads.

In this way, BTS will maintain the record of visits on YouTube after reaching a figure of 74.6 million visits made on its opening day. Therefore, the fans of this boy band or ARMY have already begun to celebrate this fact which they would have achieved by joining each other to take the request to YouTube.

Boy With Luv went so far as to set a historical record on YouTube, proving that the ARMY are a very broad and loyal fanbase to that group. Therefore, everything seems to indicate that this visualization platform pleased said group of fans to keep the majority of YouTube users satisfied. Thus, BTS would continue to be considered as the leading group in the music scene.