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Instagram filters: everything you need to know about them

Irene de Espinoza
5 min read

The best trends in Instagram filters that you will surely love. It is impressive how different shades of color are used every day to improve the quality of the images.

Instagram filters: everything you need to know about them – Social Media
Popular and fun Instagram filters.

The ideal thing about using an Instagram filter is to be able to see ourselves better, highlight the beauty of the face or give a different look to the original photograph.

Instagram offers countless filters that can be used whenever you want, to have a more stylized image of you and your personal brand.

You can also make incredible combinations of effects and audio if you want to enhance a Reel or Store within Instagram.

How to use Instagram filters?

Through this article, we will show you step by step how to use the filters in your Stores or publications. In this way, the quality and creativity of your publications will be much more relevant when sharing them.

  1. Log in to your Instagram account and swipe the screen to the left with your finger.

  2. Instantly the camera will be shown to make recordings or publications. Everything regarding Stores, Reels or photographs.

  3. At the bottom you will find some icons, these represent the filters that Instagram offers you when you have not yet saved any.

  4. Among the icons you will find the option of a small magnifying glass with 2 tiny stars (explore effects) This represents the search for new filters.

  5. You select the one of your preference (the word use filter or effect will appear)

  6. Finally, you can now take your photo or video with the filters of your choice.

  7. State of the art filters will be there for you.

Instagram filters: everything you need to know about them – Social Media
Available filters that will change your profile.

What should you know about filters?

First of all, it is impressive how many filters there are on Instagram to use. Depending on the exact use you have in your account, we remind you to keep a good order of publications in terms of Reels or Stores, without abusing the filters.

If you have a personal brand projected to a company, you must be careful with the way you use the filters.

There will always be new filters and effects to use, being a trend is part of the marketing that we can apply to our social networks to have a greater reach.

How to make Instagram Filters with Tumblr style?

We show you some of the Instagram filters with effects for Tumblr photos, whose popularity has been impressive. From a beautiful sunset character, to filters that can make you look much younger with a subtle vibe.

It is mostly a work of colors, the change of tonalities changes the atmosphere of the video or photography.

Tumblr photos: Ideal for young people with a fresh and free style. What to say about some beautiful Jeans, a crop top and the converse of your choice. You just add the filter and add a vintage romance style.

  • Juno – Adds warm colors for the vintage effect.

  • Lark: Natural looking gloss.

  • Clarendon: saturation and contrast for your Tumblr photos.

  • Boho Filter : following the 3 style trends (Tumblr, vintage and romanticism)

    Instagram filters: everything you need to know about them – Social Media
    Tumblr Instagram Filters.

Filters that have gone viral on Instagram

It can be from this same social network or shared from other networks. These filters have had a significant amount of use, either by celebrities or by users who connect every day and enjoy their new designs.

Pixar Persona – Consider yourself a beautiful princess or prince from Pixar animated films with this filter. There are many who play with it daily and add interesting audio to improve the content to be published.

Instagram filters: everything you need to know about them – Social Media
You can be a Disney princess whenever you want.

Minnions (Hugeeyes) : what to say about these little friends, we all love Despicable Me, and these yellow creatures left us with many moments of laughter. You can relive those moments and be one of them with this amazing filter.

Birthday (Happy Birthday to u): ideal for Reels where you want to honor a birthday boy or for yourself on your special day.

For your little ones: there are really many filters with which we can play and compete with our children. They can go viral in minutes with these fun filters: Catch Me Lite, Which Pup Are U?, CUTE PRINCESS, Baby Shark Do do doo and many more.

Instagram filters: everything you need to know about them – Social Media
There are many filters to choose from.

How to search Instagram filters?

This is something really simple, we have already noted that through the small magnifying glass known as "Effects Explorer" you can find the one of your preference.

Now, to simplify the work, you only have to enter a keyword, for example: Vintage, Baby Shark, Sparkles, Memes, among others.

With this, you will not only see the filter you are looking for, but also all those related to it, including the audio to perform the Reel.

Instagram filters: everything you need to know about them – Social Media
Filters and audio for Reels.

What should we clarify?

In Instagram we can join tools such as masks, filters and effects. That is why we make these recommendations based on their popularity.

Another interesting fact is that depending on the country in which you are, there may be a popularized filter that may not be elsewhere. This depends on Instagram algorithms and location preferences.