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Tiktok, Facebook's biggest competition. Why?

Irene de Espinoza
5 min read
Tiktok, Facebook's biggest competition. Why? – Social Media – WebMediums
Very complete and competitive social networks.

Competition has existed throughout human life, that has led to a scrupulous war in every sense of the word. However, thanks to many competitions we have managed to observe how: brands, politics and cultures have improved over the years.

That is why today in such a technological age we see large numbers of applications, pages and social networks that compete to be the most valued.

Tiktok, Facebook's biggest competition. Why? – Social Media – WebMediums
Competition between social networks for a larger audience.

It is normal for a large social network like Facebook to feel distanced from TikTok after so many years and that there is finally a social network that catapults itself to that throne. Since it is difficult in itself to obtain the title of: “social network”, imagine how complicated and consistent it must be to reach that position.

Statistics that indicate it

Approximately two years ago, the number of its users were faced with the task of looking for a social network that was not so populated, thus perhaps looking for more innovative entertainment.

That is why Facebook, at least 4 years ago, managed to buy applications that establish a communicative bond with its users. Like WhatsApp and Instagram, these applications began to give Facebook life as pictures, so it reacted in a very clever way and managed to buy it.

But before such a formidable step, he thought that all that was going to end there, but it was not like that. Some time later, the famous platform/application TikTok entered the digital world.

Tiktok, Facebook's biggest competition. Why? – Social Media – WebMediums
TikTok is all the rage in trends.

At first it was not so publicized, but it was attractive to certain people, which led to unstoppable word of mouth and more on the internet. So much so that even political members of the United States were fascinated by its programming.

Without a doubt, the creator of Facebook, today called: Meta, noticed that he had a small giant that was beginning to stop being small and was not a giant at all, it was a giant becoming a titan.

So much so that Mark Zuckerberg himself announced that he has lost a little more than 25% of users thanks to the arrival of this new social network.

Facebook is uphill

Losing 25% of users is not at all aberrational, consider some experts on the subject, what is truly terrifying is that Facebook (Meta), considers not opting for new forms of marketing and letting this digital giant that is an enemy continue to consume part of Your clients.

Tiktok, Facebook's biggest competition. Why? – Social Media – WebMediums
Facebook (now meta) requires a new marketing plan.

Since it began as the 4 most used application in some countries, they took on the task of creating programming updates, validation and optimizing the security of their users.

But that obviously is not enough for those who prefer one application more than another, although it is not bad at all, but it does leave a lot to think about.

For this year and the next, it is expected that Facebook will not only lose 10% more of its users, since they will invest in sophistication in the servers and ideas raised by virtual reality.

Tiktok, Facebook's biggest competition. Why? – Social Media – WebMediums
Users migrate from one social network to another.

Without a doubt, even if they want to be more positive, it is estimated that at least 8% of its users will be able to move in the next 5 years.

differences between the ages

Is there anything more important than the users, security and mobility of a social network? Yes, and it is the content of it, many of its users are already people who have had their Facebook accounts for a long time.

Facebook, although it has wanted to be updated, obviously does not reflect for the tastes of all users. And when we talk about everyone, it is: Men, women, old and not so old.

Content management for all ages has not been as closely monitored, so we can see that the vast majority who switch to this new TikTok platform are users between the ages of 18 and 26.

Tiktok, Facebook's biggest competition. Why? – Social Media – WebMediums
The largest audience between the ages of 18 and 26.

Adults have also found a corner within this social network and have eventually settled into it.

Trends mark a before and after

And one of the most important things that comes as a result of the massive deployment of one social network to another, is simply the trend that is marked at the time. The versatility, how intuitive it can be and how striking the programming is.

It is true that many great artists have almost immediately got rid of Facebook, because they want their music to be heard in a few seconds by doing some dance challenge.

Tiktok, Facebook's biggest competition. Why? – Social Media – WebMediums
Best TikTok trending dances and music.

The Reels used on this TikTok platform have almost unanimously won over many other social networks. So much so that other applications have copied his idea in a very remarkable way and that many of these ideas are reflected in some mechanisms for attracting people.

One of the most magnificent are the short videos of 10 to 15 seconds. As well as some of one minute, which can be edited at the wish of the person.

Tiktok, Facebook's biggest competition. Why? – Social Media – WebMediums
Everyone wants to be a part of TikTok.

The trends of the moment are imparted by countless people who connect under hashtags, many of them come with phrases from a meme and/or some music that has been released.

This causes a reflow of information, which appears in the most searched and most viewed at that moment, making interaction with each user almost instantaneous.

The number of recording and effects options also makes it fun for all users. Many of these users do not reach the age of 24, but for some who are also older they share some dances, processes and even when they do gymnastics to the sound of a song under an effect.