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Tips for posting effectively on Instagram

Irene de Espinoza
5 min read
Tips for posting effectively on Instagram – Social Media – WebMediums
Tips to improve publications.

Instagram has a fairly high assertiveness to expand any product or brand, due to its large number of users. However, it is necessary to clarify that there is no single or true rule.

Although there are times when there is a higher frequency of users, this varies according to the public and the niche with which your account has to do.

Although this can be a subjective issue, we will show you techniques and statistics that will help you study your population and will give you schedules that have generally been marked as the most accurate when it comes to having sustainable results.

Tips for posting effectively on Instagram – Social Media – WebMediums
It all depends on your audience.

Which, without a doubt, followed by perseverance and strategy, will ensure that your publications are not lost, but rather that they achieve the goal set, whether it is expansion or sale.

If you follow these tips and are persistent, you will achieve your account quickly and consistently.

Try different times to start

On Instagram, success is based on persistence, post at various times or hire an advisor who can post at least 4 times, morning, afternoon, night and early morning.

Evaluate in which time you have more frequency and in which you have to apply strategies that help you increase interaction and receptivity.

Take into account the statistics

Do not underestimate any schedule, remember that each person has a different time and it is by studying this that you will know the times of your followers. Although in general the best days to publish content are Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday.

However, if you want to go more by the statistics, the majority reflect that the best hours are from 8 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 5 pm, while other investigations handle other hours, the truth is that the vast majority agree that the mean is daytime. However, at night the frequency usually increases again between 10 pm-11 pm.

Tips for posting effectively on Instagram – Social Media – WebMediums
Some necessary advice to publish.

Create a schedule

Taking into account the statistics and the evaluation of your audience, take into account the variables according to your niche.

In other words, if your niche is tourism, you can't wait for it to be Saturday or Sunday to publish, so once you get into the middle of the week you can start promoting the tourism plan you offer with all the information about it.

Tips for posting effectively on Instagram – Social Media – WebMediums
Calendars help you plan.

Polls in Stories to interact

Not everything should be content, create surveys where you allow your users to interact, asking how the traffic went or topics that you see that are accentuated in everyday life.

Tips for posting effectively on Instagram – Social Media – WebMediums
Surveys help you get to know your audience.

You can make videos or live with songs that have positive lyrics or messages of conscience that generate well-being when they open it. You could also play with science and daily share universal knowledge tips.

How to take my audience average

We must access Instagram statistics with our own company account:

  • Go to audience section.

  • In audience, highlight the followers box.

  • A box will appear that will indicate the average of what time you have more influx and interaction by your followers in your content.

  • It is important that once you analyze your media you see the location variant of your followers, since you do not stop taking time changes as soon as you have an international scale.

Public quickly from your computer

If you want to post photos from your computer, just click on the camera icon and choose where to post (add to profile or stories). Then select the photo, click next, write the caption text (Very relevant, remember that connecting is essential to be successful on Instagram) finally click next to publish the photo.

Tips for posting effectively on Instagram – Social Media – WebMediums
You can publish from your computer.

How many times can I post a day on Instagram?

We have already learned and analyzed our posting schedule based on our users and frequency, but how many times can I post per day? From 1 to 10 daily publications.

This will also depend on your niche and of course the amount of products or visual content you have available.

However, despite having enough space to publish, it is necessary that we do not lose order and work ethic. Since you can have many publications with few views if you do not know how to focus attention on the experience or quality that you offer as a company.

Tips for posting effectively on Instagram – Social Media – WebMediums

While we are talking about a lot of numbers, the statistics show us that not all business accounts follow these tips to the letter, most post only 2 times a day in the times that they know they have the largest audience.

With at least 2 or 3 daily posts you can also maintain good numbers, everything will depend on your business goal.