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Barcelona fans show their rejection of Koeman

German Centeno
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Barcelona fans show their rejection of Koeman – Sports – WebMediums
Koeman receives insults from Barcelona fans

The FC coach. Barcelona, Ronald Koeman had a problem with the club's fans at the time of his departure from the Camp Nou after the defeat of his team against the Real Madrid team in the Spanish League.

Through different videos published on social networks, it was possible to see how different fans gathered in the parking area of the club leaders and footballers to wait for the departure of the Dutchman, who was shown all their rejection of the very bad management that is doing.

Ronald Koeman received insults and shoves at his car at the time of his departure, there were so many people who crossed in front of the car that they prevented the team coach from moving forward, creating a very tense and nervous situation for the coach, where the car received blows and spit.

Security was absent

Barcelona fans show their rejection of Koeman – Sports – WebMediums
The Dutch coach did not have anyone from security nearby at the time of his attack

Unfortunately for the Dutch coach, at that time there was no member of the club's security guarding the entrances, which allowed this dangerous situation to occur, luckily for everyone and for him, this situation did not progress.

This event lasted approximately 15 seconds, a few seconds that endangered the technician's physical integrity. Finally, Koeman was able to get out of the trap avoiding taking any of the followers ahead and thus continue on his way without problems.

Among some of the shouts that were heard were the requests for him to resign and leave the club, since a good part of the followers of the Catalans and leaders are not very happy with the results of the coach, a situation that has been presented since Last season.

The club has provided support to Ronald Koeman after these unfortunate events

Barcelona fans show their rejection of Koeman – Sports – WebMediums
The club has provided the necessary support to Ronald Koeman

Faced with these unfortunate events and that should not happen in the world of sport, FC. Barcelona did not delay in positioning itself publicly through its social networks and providing the necessary support to the Dutch coach.

" FC. Barcelona publicly condemns all the violent actions and rejection that our coach has had to experience at the time of his departure from the Camp Nou. The club will be in charge of taking all disciplinary and security measures so that these unfortunate events do not return to happen". He has secured the club.

They have also made it known that the cameras and recordings of the place will be reviewed to try to find the protagonists of these unfortunate events. If the people involved are discovered, one of the actions that the club will take will be the expulsion of these members for having a violent attitude.

Koeman's problems at Barcelona

Barcelona fans show their rejection of Koeman – Sports – WebMediums
Koeman and his problems at Barcelona

The truth is that coach Ronald Koeman has had a lot of problems since his arrival at the club, to which we must now add the incident this Sunday. Since arriving at the club, he has been suffering the consequences of the institutional instability that the Catalan club is going through.

There have been different types of wars, and he has had to carry a decomposing team that is going through a serious economic crisis. With the arrival of Joan Laporta to the presidency of the club, far from calming the spirits about his future, rather he increased them.

This originated at that time when the president publicly confirmed that Koeman was not his coach and that his continuity as technical director depended on finding a replacement.

However, Joan Laporta has come out publicly defending the Dutch coach and showing his support for continuity in the team. Laporta is meditating if he is kept until the end of the season, this has generated some rejection in the Catalan fans, who prefer another type of coach.

So far the future of Koeman is unknown, Joan Laporta has shown his support for him to continue at the club at least until the end of this season. The club's financial limitations have also slowed the possibility of looking for a replacement for him, although there are already several names that could replace him, including Xavi Hernández.