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Laporta is pressured from the Government to sign with the Thebes fund

German Centeno
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Laporta is pressured from the Government to sign with the Thebes fund
Thebes and Laporta

The general director of the Higher Sports Council, Albert Soler, who is Josep Maria Bartomeu's former confidence officer when he was Barcelona president, has been pressuring Joan Laporta to accept the credit from the British CVC fund.

It is a credit with Javier Tebas, president of La Liga, he wants to stay in power and carry out the Superliga project, which was created by Florentino Pérez and supported by both Juventus and Barcelona.

All these clubs claim that they need resources to compete with the clubs that are state priority or the clubs of the giants Arab sheikhs.

Albert Soler responsible for the Barcelona crisis

Laporta is pressured from the Government to sign with the Thebes fund
Albert Soler and his cruel intentions

Albert Soler, is known for being one of the top ideologues and responsible for the terrible management of the government by Bartomeu in the presidency of Barcelona and for being one of the main responsible for the unprecedented economic hole that they have left in the club.

All this has become the last option Tebas has found to corner Joan Laporta and try to isolate Florentino Pérez. The president of Barcelona has already seen how the budgets for next season have been approved by the assembly of delegates on October 17.

However, he has until the end of November to endorse them, for this he must obtain at least 15% of the 765 million approved, and must render an account to the Sports Law for that money, which forces him to resign and call elections despite existing the statutory reform that has been validated by the same assembly.

Meetings with Soler

Laporta is pressured from the Government to sign with the Thebes fund
President of Barcelona, Joan Laporta

In the last month there have already been several meetings between the president of Real Madrid, that of Barcelona with Miquel Iceta, Minister of Sports and Soler, this in order to try to modify this law and offer clubs that still do not belong to the sports limited company such as Athletic, Real Madrid, Osasuna and Barcelona a freedom to set the guarantee at 3 and the existing one at 15%.

Considering that they are very high amounts of money and that they have a lot of work to be able to gather for these types of clubs. Although very possibly the Law will be modified, Soler maintains pressure with Laporta for the deadlines, which is in a hurry, but not even the guarantees with which he obtained the presidency are assured.

Tebas, who clearly tried to take advantage of all this economic situation of Barcelona and Laporta, when he had the intention of renewing Lionel Messi, returns now, but this time to attack with guarantees, with the sole intention that Barcelona break their relationship with Real Madrid and accept the British credit.

British credit

If the Barça club accepts the British loan, then they could be entering a sum of money around 200 million, which would be added to their already extensive financial debt, with the condition that, from year 12 of the 50 that the contract it would be valid, it would stop entering the high amounts of money that the Super League could provide.

This is a new battle to see who reigns in Spanish football. If it is the devalued Barcelona-Real Madrid, those who bet an idea of the importance of how quickly the football spectacle degenerates when you do not have the money that other clubs do.

That is why Florentino Pérez does not control La Liga and Tebas does not control Florentino, which is why Spanish football seems more and more irrelevant.

Soler and his constant revenge

Laporta is pressured from the Government to sign with the Thebes fund
Soler and his unfriendly behaviors

On the other hand, Albert Soler is still considered a vindictive, perverse and twisted man. For what he is trying to do now with current Barcelona president Joan Laporta is not something new during his career.

When Soler was responsible for the Barcelona sections, he collaborated to cease the functions of the basketball team coach, Xavier Pascual, who at that time had good results and many palmareses. The reason was that Xavier Pascual did not allow himself to be controlled by him, that is, he was not one of his.

News that clearly took Pascual by surprise, and who angrily told him about everything he could to be used, but this happened only in private and never in public. For the following season, Pascual would be signed by Panathinaikos.

Pascual would return to Barcelona with the Greek team to play his first game there as a Panathinaikos coach, so Soler would use his influence with a former police commissioner, who operated at Prat airport facilitating the procedures for VIP travelers.

This with the intention of stopping his former coach and not letting him go through revenge for all those discussions that they both had at the time he kicked him out. It was thus that the final did not become an arrest, but a retention, as an excuse they used that he had irregularities in his passport, reasons that had no valid basis.

Soler is using the same tricks now with Laporta, whom he tries to corner and lead him to finish sinking the club that he destroyed and financially ruined when he acted as Bartomeu's collaborator. A large part of the club's leaders hope that Laporta does not end up giving in to Soler's requests.