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Ronald Koeman and his bad moment at Barcelona

German Centeno
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Ronald Koeman and his bad moment at Barcelona – Sports – WebMediums
Koeman and his losing streak

Undoubtedly, the defeat in the classic has affected the entire Catalan club, this is how its technical director, Ronald Koeman has been very emotionally touched after that game and the unfortunate events that occurred at the time of his departure from Camp Nou.

The Dutch coach could not find the right words to explain the incident he had experienced when leaving the stadium after the Spanish classic.

At that time, Koeman was in the company of his wife, when some fans pushed and hit his car, he explained that he was only trying to calm Bartina, his wife.

Koeman also wondered what would have happened if in addition to his wife his grandchildren had also gone. Despite these incidents, the Dutchman immediately received the call from the club and the public support of them, who have assured to take the necessary measures so that these unfortunate events do not happen again.

New security measures by the club

Ronald Koeman and his bad moment at Barcelona – Sports – WebMediums
The club will take new security measures

To prevent these actions from happening again and to protect the physical integrity of all, the security department has been considering new measures, one of them is to delimit the area through which the players and coaching staff withdraw and protect it with the Stewarts and employees.

In the same way, the City Council will be asked for more effective security in the place.

This is how Barcelona wants to stop the trend that the youngest fans wait for the players at the traffic lights near the sports city to intercept them, provoke them and then upload the reactions of the players to social networks, something similar to Koeman's.

The truth is that once the game against Real Madrid was over, the culé environment was on fire and that was how Ronald Koeman's car was intercepted, putting his life and that of his wife in danger.

The club's coach was fired with spitting and several blows to his car, a rather embarrassing and regrettable fact.

Pedro Nieto, a Movistar commentator and former footballer, did not wait to show his rejection of this terrible action by Barcelona fans, who described all this as "disgusting".

Koeman and his little empathy with Barça fans

Ronald Koeman and his bad moment at Barcelona – Sports – WebMediums
Fans show their rejection of Koeman

Since the Dutch coach arrived at the Camp Nou, his relationship with the public has not been the best. Who was known as the hero of Wembley, and in an act of generosity with Barcelona, preferred to leave his comfort zone and the possibility of directing his Dutch team in the Eurocup to accept this new project that would not be good for him.

Koeman made many enemies in just a short time of arriving, likewise, he has had to bear the worst moment of the club, both due to the wear and tear of all the players and the financial limitations of the institution, so many close friends warned him the few chances he had of succeeding at Barcelona.

The institution is going through a serious crisis, where there are many internal struggles and threats full of censorship, to all this must be added the financial situation and the decline of an aging team. Practically everything was served so that the next one to arrive had no chance of succeeding.

Koeman had to bear the departure of Luis Suárez, one of Barcelona's best players and that the Dutchman did not take into account due to differences. He also had to bear the discomfort of Lionel Messi and his departure last summer.

However, he has helped to project young talents from the quarry, which allowed him to stay with the Copa del Rey. Despite this conquest, Joan Laporta felt dissatisfied with Koeman and made it known. "The president of the club assured that it only needed two or three weeks to find a new candidate like technician".

He also assured that if he did not find it, then the Dutchman would have to continue on the bench, all this was explained by the coach's agent, Rob Jansen.

"This is all a very crazy decision, it is not based on anything. It is based only on sensations. All crazy, I did not speak with Laporta again. But luckily, the surrounding people helped Koeman to stay in it. So, the president has come out before the media saying that they are still together, that they are now friends, it is a hypocrisy of high-level sports, "added Jansen.

Koeman's relationship with Laporta

Ronald Koeman and his bad moment at Barcelona – Sports – WebMediums
Laporta and Koeman

After the president's comments clearly something broke between the two that day. According to Dutch beliefs, honesty is one of the most sacred values. Laporta acted as a catalyst in the coach's public appearances, he was used to saying what he wanted without thinking and directly.

This is how Laporta did not hesitate to filter each of his intentions, making his intentions with Koeman clear and weakening him much more in front of the dressing room.

That was how the club president imposed a style of play on the Dutchman and the participation of footballers with what he did not have and of course the requested good results.

All this led to both the coach and the president not speaking to each other even when they met in the concentration hotels, where only a courtesy greeting and a great distance between them could be appreciated.

Ronald Koeman would also feel attacked by the accusations of Enric Masip, the adviser to the president or those of the lawyer's company boss, Lluis Carrasco.

Clearly this was something that was overheating the environment and the fans, who were disappointed by the bad game and the bad results of the team. While Koeman argued for the large number of injured players and his commitment to the quarry, which he saw in the future.

Club decisions that Koeman had to accept

Ronald Koeman and his bad moment at Barcelona – Sports – WebMediums
Laporta and his voice of command with the Dutch

After all the inconveniences of the Dutchman with the club, he also released some important things when he could, this is how he made it known that he had to accept the club's decisions, such as the transfer of Griezmann and the non-renewal of Lionel Messi.

To all this, the coach expressed "remaining in high positions in the league would already be a success" emphasizing that the team he had was not capable of fighting the league. While he made it known that miracles could not be expected for the Champions League.

The results obtained so far in the league have shown that he was right, and his main rivals such as Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid have shown that Barcelona is not there to fight the Spanish championship, where they are currently out of the league quotas of the European zone.

In the case of the Champions League, both Juventus, Bavaria, PSG and Benfica have painted their faces. All this is about a transitional season that the fans refuse to accept, but the truth is that the little spark that the Catalans were having in the last games was extinguished by Real Madrid.

So far, Koeman has not been able to win any of his games against Real Madrid, who has loved Patrick O'Connell, who lost three consecutive classics in the 1930s.

Despite all the bad results and having everything on top of him, the Dutch coach is confident in his abilities and is convinced that he has the possibility of getting the club out of this hole, but the environmental pressure seems to be more suffocating than expected, and his next four matches seem to be momentous for him.

Barcelona will have to face Rayo Vallecano this Wednesday, and then face Alavéz, Dinamo Kiev for the Champions League and Celta. Matches that will be decisive for the coach, that if the degree of difficulty of these encounters is measured, it could be a bit easy to regain everyone's confidence and show a good game.