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Xavi Hernández to Barcelona: "I'm very excited to be able to go home"

German Centeno
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Xavi Hernández to Barcelona: "I'm very excited to be able to go home"
Xavi and his return to Barcelona

So far, Al Sadd coach Xavi Hernández had not wanted to give any kind of statement about his possible signing with Barcelona as technical director. However, the Qatari classic between Al Sadd and Al Duhail ended with a three-goal draw and the Spanish coach has spoken.

Xavi has finally talked about his future with the press, and he has done so by opening the door of his departure from Qatar, although this seems to be something very complicated so far. According to official sources from the Qatar team, Al Sadd's club would not let the Spanish coach leave until the contract ends.

Despite this refusal from the club, the Spaniard has commented the following: "I have been quite clear with both clubs, and they know that I am very excited to be able to return home" also, the news has been released that this Wednesday night both Xavi as the leaders of Barcelona and Al Sadd will have dinner together to talk about their situation.

The Barcelona delegation is in Qatar

Xavi Hernández to Barcelona: "I'm very excited to be able to go home"
Xavi admits his desire to return to Spain

This Wednesday the FC Barcelona delegation landed in Qatar where Joan Laporta has not attended and that has been something that Al Sadd did not like or at least they have not seen at all well.

The future of the Catalan coach has been so entangled that before the Qatari classic, the Al Sadd club published a statement expressing its intentions to retain Xavi Hernández considering that the team is at a sensitive time of the season.

Some statements that for many seemed to close the doors to Xavi on his return to Catalonia, although the player himself has been in charge of opening them again after finishing said commitment.

Xavi's desire to lead Barcelona

Xavi Hernández to Barcelona: "I'm very excited to be able to go home"
It is only a matter of hours to know the future of Xavi

After the match against Al Duhail, Xavi Hernández said the following: "I am very excited and happy to be able to return home. Now we have to wait for the two clubs to agree. It is a matter of respect. I have contract with Al Sadd and a small clause and that must be understood. An agreement is needed that can arrive in hours or days. "

The Barcelona delegation is headed by Rafa Yuste and Mateu Alemany who are in Doha to try to convince the Qatari club to reach an agreement.

The main objective is to try to reach an agreement with Xavi's termination clause, understanding that Barcelona is not in a very good economic moment.

Some possible proposals is that the Barcelona club play a friendly in the capital of Qatar as a consideration or at least it will be a topic that will be discussed at the meeting on Wednesday night.