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Learn about the new WhatsApp features for 2022

Guzmán Leal
4 min read
Learn about the new WhatsApp features for 2022 – Technology – WebMediums
WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging services.

Recently, WhatsApp has flooded us with new functions that have been responsible for greatly improving the user experience. One of the most popular and responsive in the community was the voice memo accelerator.

In search of repeat success, WhatsApp prepares up to seven new functions that will come throughout this new year 2022. However, we must wait for them to go through the development phase first before getting to use them naturally.

7 new functions that WhatsApp will launch in 2022

From calls in the desktop version to transferring message data from iOS to Android, Meta is already preparing new functions. They are expected to arrive during the first quarter of 2022 for users to start testing them.

However, the sources are still rumors, but based on these, the new WhatsApp functions are expected to be the following:

Creation of stickers

Stickers have become an important part of user communication, either by WhatsApp or by any means of instant messaging. They are small images that, as the saying goes, speak louder than a thousand words.

However, to bring them in a personalized way to WhatsApp, we have to use third-party applications that add them to the portfolio of stickers. Up to now.

Indeed, one of the new functions that Meta prepares is the ability to make stickers from the application itself.

Users will be able to start from any image to be able to edit it using different tools in the same interface. It means that they can add emojis, texts and any element for further customization.

Learn about the new WhatsApp features for 2022 – Technology – WebMediums
Stickers are an essential part of conversations.

One of its advantages is that it will be available both for the web version, and for the Windows and Mac applications.

React messages

Reactions are functions that are not new in applications such as Instagram or Twitter. In this sense, they are expressly used to "respond indirectly" since no type of text is required.

Thus, it is expected that WhatsApp can react to any type of message or file sent in the chat by means of emojis.

Unification of WhatsApp with Instagram

Both Instagram and WhatsApp are applications that are part of the entire Meta digital ecosystem. Therefore, it is no surprise that all social networks finally end up being integrated with the instant messaging service.

One of the most notorious rumors is that WhatsApp users would have the ability to view Reels from the same application. The latter are videos that have a duration of between 15 and 30 seconds.

Invisible mode

Although the possibility of hiding both the last connection and the double blue check already exists, the novelty is that it can now be applied selectively.

Through the privacy settings, with this new function we can choose as if it were a story, who sees our connection data.

Selectively hide information

Apart from the last connection, which is privacy data, WhatsApp also has in mind that users hide information by contact.

That is, they will offer the ability for users to determine who can see their profile photo or account description.

Learn about the new WhatsApp features for 2022 – Technology – WebMediums
Privacy data and statuses can be hidden selectively.

Delete messages at any time

As is well known, after an hour has elapsed since a message was sent, WhatsApp no longer allows the option to delete it. In this sense, it is an aspect that would totally change with the new updates.

It means that, for this new year 2022, WhatsApp is expected to completely eliminate the limit, and they can delete messages at any time.

Transcription of audio messages

This is the most anticipated function in the new WhatsApp 2022 update. And, it would be the possibility of having a tool that allows the reproduction of an audio in contexts where it is not favorable.

Although it is true that there are other applications on the market for this function, it allows us to reduce the storage space on our devices.

Therefore, we have to wait for the official announcements and updates to start testing and detailing each of the functions that WhatsApp has for 2022.